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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I've got an issue with one of my enstationAC units. Its passing traffic OK, but i cannot connect to its management interface via the WebGUI or contact it via any other subnets and when you do ping it the route is via the other side of the bridge not the units own NIC. This would seem to point to a gateway config issue and i can telnet into the unit fine, but i cant seem to find any way to set a gateway. IP and subnet are there. I checked the routes on both units and the working one has the vlan GW as its route and the faulty one has itself as the default route. (cant see a way to add a route either!) Does anyone know how to do this? thanks.
  2. A pair of EnStationAC's in WDS Bridge are establish connection as indicated on WDS Link List - 5Ghz. Both units configured in WDS bridge mode. Each with clear line-of-sight (LOS). The wireless mac addresses on the WDS link settings of each unit is correct, and they both have static IP addresses that are in the same subnet. Both units have the channel HT mode to 20MHz, wireless mode 802-11N (5GHz) only, and both are set to channel 64 - 5.32GHz, Distance 1. Each unit can "see" the each other as indicated in <Connections> WDS Link List - 5GHz however the Link Status = Down, RSSI(dBm) = -95.
  3. We have installed 2 enGeniousAC antennas <.80 miles apart with line of sight. We are only getting 100-110 MPs. But the product data sheet says we should be getting a lot more: https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/outdoor-wireless-bridge-enstationac/ Here is a quote: EnStationAC is a 5 GHz high-powered long-distance 11AC wireless outdoor AP/client bridge offering dual-PoE Gigabit ports and a high-gain directional antenna that emits a narrow signal beam, limiting interference and ensuring stable connectivity, high-bandwidth and 867 Mbps speeds over long distances Since we are so close, we should fall into these categories: .5 miles up to 400mps 1.5 miles up to 200Mps The installer says that we should only get 100-110 in either direction but the data sheet says up to 867Mps. Im not expecting 867mps but I need between 200-300mps because we are running a software company over the bridge. Please see attachments and the link above. What can we do? We are on a short Proof of Concept timeframe.
  4. Please see article posted on help center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001767991-Pole-and-Wall-mounting-EnStation2-5-5-AC-AC-
  5. Ok. I have two EnstationAC's set 1.1 miles apart. I have a continuous connection at 19dbm on the signal strenght and RSSI's between 63 and 69 consistently. I am running AES encryption on a WDS Bridge. The connection is stable, but the speeds will continuously degrade until the connection is agonizingly slow. When it slows down, I can go in and reset both AP's and then I get transfer rates from 60 to 80mpbs. But then after a couple of hours the rate is down to 5mpb and then a few later down to .50mbps. I thought this might be a spanning tree issue so I set the target AP with the internet connection to 35653 and the receiving tower to the 65355(whatever the highest number is). Anybody have a similar issue? Any thoughts or breadcrumbs I can follow?
  6. Ok. Crazy question... ...has anybody setup a second wds bridge for redundancy using the poe lan port on the enstationac? Obviously different channels, settings etc, would be required, but by setting up two bridges on different frwquencies would redundancy be reliable or just cause interference? 1.1 mile connection...current enstation ac needs to be reset once a day on average...
  7. So, to start off, I am a complete and utter novice at all things tech and technical. I've never even setup a router (I was hoping to shortly here, but these enstationac's aren't working). I have it hooked up, and I have a strong signal. The LAN is lit up on my transmitter, and the receiver has a the signal at the third bar, so I feel like I'm doing ok. I double checked the ethernet cables, and I don't see any breaks, and I double-checked the jacks and, they are all wired the same. For ever reason, when I plug either a computer or router to the LAN port on the power adapter black box thingy, and nothing is recognizing that there is even an ethernet plugged in. I switched the black box thingies between the transmitter and receiver and the signal reestablished itself. I had tech support help me program them about a month ago, and when we tested it at the end of the call, everything was working. Not really sure how to fix this, and considering I'm a n00b, I was hoping to get some extra help.
  8. Hello! I have some questions about setting up a pair of EnStationAC, as well as the WDS Bridge operation mode I guess. I'm trying to link two buildings on my family's farm that are about 1.28 miles apart as the crow flies. From all the lack of information I can gather from the internet, I think the WDS Bridge operation mode is what I'm looking for. I've installed the transceivers and have connectivity between them and since the signal LEDs don't light up when in WDS Bridge, I used a laser to do a, "rough fine focus," between each EnStation. Unfortunately, I'm getting terrible speeds and a signal of -60dBm. I've tried changing channels, increasing the transmitter power, and I am unable to do anything to make my connection better. I'm posting in hopes that somebody here may have some advice for me on how to make this better. I'm more than happy to try anything since the equipment is advertised to do 200Mbps at 1.5 miles which makes me feel like it's more operator error than anything else.
  9. I have EWS5912FP connected to an AC866 in client bridge mode. This configuration works on the EWS5912FP with the old firmware but not the new. My configuration is Enstation AC WAP to Enstation AC client bridge. The client bridge connects directly to the EWS5912FP which then connects the rest of the equipment on the EWS5912FP. Again I have multipe sites running on the old firmware but not the last two revisions. All equipment is in the same subnet. When connecting the Enstation AC to the switch it will ping 19 times and then drop and is no longer accessible.
  10. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004069508-The-EnStationAC-and-other-EnGenius-wireless-outdoor-products-has-IP-Rating-what-does-IP-Rating-mean-
  11. Scenario: An Installer would like to add a pair of EnStationAC to his wireless network and wants to know if he has to use a proprietary 24V PoE injector like the EPE-1212 or the EPE-24R. Solution: The EnStationAC can be powered through an 802.3at PoE injector or switch.
  12. Since upgrading to the latest v2.0.102, my EnStationAC can not have the stable connection with WDS link at compliance band2. May EnGenius team assist on this for further verification?
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