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Found 8 results

  1. How do I add the Country Code to a new ENS620EXT that doesnt have them? I have 2 that way, they accepted the firmware updates to 3.01 and appear to be working fine but dont show USA as an option. Any help would be appreciated
  2. We've recently been starting to use the new ENS500EXT-AC in place of the ENS500EXT. It has some improvements but the boot and connectivity times have increased tremendously. The ENS500EXT in bridge mode could connect to our AP in about 45 seconds from a cold boot. The new ENS500EXT-AC can take over five minutes to perform the same connection. What settings can be adjusted to minimize the boot time? Are there any plans to speed up the boot process?
  3. I have installed an ENS620EXT on a small camp ground. The access point keeps rebooting, and when it does that it takes as longs as 3 minutes to come back up or the SSID, drops clients and the SSID disappears. This requires a reboot. I have the latest firmware installed and I'm using the USA standards on the wireless settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have a set of ENS620EXT radios and was attempting to upgrade one to the latest firmware. Downloaded version from the site, as a RAR file. Unpacked it and found these instructions: 1) Factory Rest the ENS620EXT 2) Upload the ENS620EXTaddCAPWAP.bin file first to the ENS620EXT 3) Factory Reset the ENS620EXT 4) Upload the ENS620EXT-int- to the unit 5) Factory reset unit 6) The unit should be ready to work with EWS switch or ezMaster Network Managment Software. A bit more than I'm used to seeing, but I began following it step by step. Steps 1 and 2 went fine, but after doing the factory reset in step 3, the device no longer boots and I can't ping it at (except for a few brief seconds when it powers up). Has anyone successfully performed this firmware update? From looking at the Javascript code on another radio, I believe the exact version of the current firmware I'm on is
  5. Hello Genius, I am planning to use ENS620EXT or ENS1750 in client Bridge mode. It will be used on a slow moving vehicle. As per specification, both support fast roaming / 802.11r. My AP/Mesh network supports fast roaming / 802.11r. 1. Does 802.11r/fast roaming is supported in client bridge mode? 2. Any benchmark/data on roaming delays? Regards, Raja
  6. Dear Forum We have ENS620EXT Routers and need 2 different SSID’s, each SSID with a different subnet SSID ‘Name1’ SSID ‘Name2’ How do we separate that in the settings of these routers? Best regards
  7. I recently purchased the ENS620EXT from Amazon. I'm unable to resolve and reach and log into the access point in order to configure the unit per the instructions. My setup is at Home. I have a Fiber Modem -> Asus Router -> ENS620EXT I've tried the ENS620EXT (AP) by itself. I've tried the AP plugged directly into the Modem - Internet works, but unable to reach I've tried the AP plugged directly into the Router - Internet works, but unable to reach The first time I plugged the AP into the network I discoverd that the Modem had the IP address. I have changed this and now can no longer reach I've tried to reset the AP by holding reset for 10 seconds and letting go. Same Results. Any advice out there?
  8. I was logging into one of our new ENS620EXT units and after finishing the WIFI changes I updated the IP address to We do this sort of change all the time on our old ENS500EXT units. However after doing the reset I am unable to find the unit at the given IP address. I've quadruple checked my routes and had another person look them over so I'm pretty sure it's not a route issue. So I try a hardware reset. I push the reset button in for >10 seconds, release it. The lights all flash off, then they all flash on, then into various patterns. During this process I am running pings to and Oddly enough, does come up for a few seconds: ...From icmp_seq=398 Destination Host Unreachable 64 bytes from icmp_seq=399 ttl=64 time=999 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=400 ttl=64 time=0.329 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=401 ttl=64 time=0.532 ms From icmp_seq=437 Destination Host Unreachable... But then it stops. The end result on my lights is the Power light is solid red and the 5G light is blinking steadily at a slow rate. Any ideas? Does anyone have an exact sequence of steps for doing a hardware reset on this model?
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