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Found 7 results

  1. I want to set up a SecurityPros.com CSP-4Lite CCTV camera and recording system in the garage of an apartment building. Internet access is available in an apartment unit above the garage, but it will be very difficult to run a cable from the apartment to the garage. I'd like to use an EnGenius ENS500 N300 as a wireless bridge between the SecurityPros.com CSP-4Lite CCTV camera and recording system and the ISP's modem/DHCP-server, so I don't need to run a physical cable. The ISP's 5.0 GHz WiFi signal is really strong in the location where I would position the EnGenius ENS500 N300 as a wireless bridge. The cable modem provided by the ISP, Spectrum, includes a DHCP server as well as 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz wireless access. The SecurityPros.com system interfaces with the Internet in a manner that allows remote viewing as well as remote playback of its internal video recorder. When the SecurityPros.com camera-controller is directly connected to a typical modem/DHCP-server, the modem assigns an IP address, perhaps, to the SecurityPros.com camera-controller that doesn't change over time. Assuming I set up the EnGenius ENS500 N300 with the password code to access the Spectrum modem's WiFi, and I change default IP addresses to avoid conflicts, will the EnGenius link be transparent to the Spectrum Modem and the SecurityPros.com camera controller? i.e. Will the DHCP server in the modem assign an IP address and communicate with the SecurityPros.com camera controller as if it was directly plugged into an RJ45 Eithernet port on the modem/DHCP-server.
  2. The ENH202, ENH500, ENS202, ENS202EXT, ENS500, ENS500EXT, EnStation2 and EnStation5 has a log-in password limit of up to 12 characters only.
  3. The Latest firmware version for ENS Series version (1.5.67) added Virtual AP feature when the device is setup on Client Router Mode. Before, you can only connect a wired device to the unit when on Client Router mode because the wireless side is for the WAN Connection. This time, you can enable Virtual AP and it would enable you to connect 1 wired device and wireless clients. You can enable wireless security as well. Please see attached image.
  4. Is it possible to "burn out" the antennas on these devices? We currently have a WDS system with 4 pairs of these set in WDS-Bridge mode. They are all set point to point, no multi-point is involved. 3 of the pairs have been flawless in performance. The fourth pair, however has been problematic. The client side antenna on the bridge seems to fail, about once a year. This node supports a small office environment with 5 IP phones, 6 PC's, a Server, and 6-10 wireless devices on an AP. I believe the issue is arising in the fact that the server does daily backups to our main server located where our source side antennas are. Is there better device option for this bridge? The two antennas are ~1/4 mile apart, and the ENS500's currently have an RSSI of -61dBm. I am thinking that a pair of EnStation AC's would probably do a better job of handling the volume of data on this bridge, however I am not sure if the distance is to close for those to work efficiently.
  5. I have 1 ENS500 and 3 ENH500 connected to it....they have been running solid for well over a year...Now when I updated the central server, and firmware to the ens500 and added a few more cameras the links are constantly dropping off at random... and I cannot for the life of me figure out why? I have factory reset all 3 and reconfigured, I have tried different channels, changed power options... ensured there is no interference of channels with wireless sniffing and still at least 1 link will drop, then another and eventually all 3 will go down....sometime the ENS500 link will only show 1 connection and not even recognize the others? Any help is tremendously appreciated. In fact if someone is willing to remote in and assist me, I'll pay them! Yes, I am at that much of a loss and have never encountered such issues with other wireless solutions! Your desperate partner, IMSYS.
  6. Question: What is the max length of the Ethernet cable from the PoE injector to the AP/Bridge? Answer: · The maximum distance you can power a device will vary depending on the access point and its voltage required, as well as the voltage provided by the power supply, and the quality of the cable. Cat6 cable is recommended for long POE runs. · 48V 802.3af standard POE can usually go about 100 meters/300 feet.
  7. The user cannot set Daylight Savings Time on his ENS202EXT. He cannot set the day setting beyond the 6th. Fix: It is only up to 6th because it is describing the nth week not the particular day of the month. For example DST for USA would be like: Start: March 2nd Sunday 2am which is March 8, 2015 2AM End: November 1st Sunday 2am which is November 1, 2015 2AM
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