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Found 19 results

  1. Dear all, We have installed a ENS202EXT and updated te old firmware to the latest. In the old firmware it was possible to protect a outgoing network with a password. But I cannot find this option in the latest firmware. Is there a description to protect the outgoing network with a password. A password is on the incoming network not needed. I hope someone can help me. Grtz From the Netherlands, Manfred
  2. The ENH202, ENH500, ENS202, ENS202EXT, ENS500, ENS500EXT, EnStation2 and EnStation5 has a log-in password limit of up to 12 characters only.
  3. The Latest firmware version for ENS Series version (1.5.67) added Virtual AP feature when the device is setup on Client Router Mode. Before, you can only connect a wired device to the unit when on Client Router mode because the wireless side is for the WAN Connection. This time, you can enable Virtual AP and it would enable you to connect 1 wired device and wireless clients. You can enable wireless security as well. Please see attached image.
  4. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003917888-What-is-the-type-of-antenna-connector-on-the-ENS202EXT-
  5. I have 4 Ens202 set up in wds bridge mode. Had them connected to a Ens202ext setup as a access point but would work for a week then sometimes to a few hours then stop working. I would restart the AP and would work. Now have comfast CF-E314N set as an ap will work for weeks then act up. Wondering what I'm doing wrong or if I need a different ap I still have the ens202ext. The ens202 all have line is sight. The farthest is about 1500 feet. They are on security cameras.
  6. We've had our ENS202EXT for over two years, broadcasting two wifi SSIDs across nearly an acre of backyard, and it has performed flawlessly. Now we're adding some PoE security cameras in the surrounding area and I'd LIKE to think that this Engenius wifi unit, (configured as an AP) can be similarly powered by the Engenius PoE switch that we've installed specifically for these IP cameras. But I have a 'sneaking hunch' that if this ENS202EXT unit actually has what I read as a 'proprietary' PoE adapter, this might not be possible from this Engenius 24-port PoE switch, if it IS truly 'proprietary'... or am I wrong? Is the ENS202EXT PoE injector so 'proprietary' that it cannot be powered by the new Engenius PoE switch? Must I 'stick with' the PoE injector it came with?
  7. Hi all Can someone tell me more about the EZ Hotspot Extender. I read about it here: http://www.engenius-europe.com/index.php/product-zoo/hotspot-extender-for-motorhome-yacht-campsite I like the look of the clean web setup interface. It seems like it's a firmware for the ENS202EXT - is that correct? If so, does it offer any advantages / disadvantages over the v1.5.67 firmware for the ENS202EXT? Cheers
  8. Hi all Hoping someone can help with resetting an ENS202EXT. Just the other day I changed the mode from Access Point to Repeater to boost a campsite wifi signal. All went well with the mode change and it worked great. Today I'm at a new campsite so I tried to reset the unit - however even after multiple resets, I'm unable to login at over ethernet - no connection with the unit at all. The reset process looks like it works as expected with the power light flashing after 10+ seconds, at which point I stop holding the reset button and the unit appears to reboot successfully. I can see wifi with SSID engenius1 but my laptop is unable to connect. So I'm stuffed being able to connect. Any ideas?! Regards
  9. Good day, I want to use an EnGenius ENS202EXT team with SociFi, but at the beginning I appeared with this screen in the administration console to only use it like: Acces Point Client Bridge WDS Client Repeater In order to use it as a Hotspot and with SociFi we did a firmware update where a blue screen appeared where we are asked to buy an activation code, reading in the support page of EnGenius we see that to buy the activation code we are asked to do it with a vendor outside EnGenius You can tell us which option should be purchased and if it is sure that our EnGenius ENS202EXT will work as a hotspot. Annex screens of the process. Thank you
  10. Hi, marina wifi signal is fairly strong and fast right outside my boat but the moment I enter the boat it's very weak and unreliable. My only goal is to receive the signal outside and bring it inside the boat without losing much of it. The wifi signal appears very finicky to connect to with typical range extenders. They can never connect an report that they could not be assigned an IP address. However all devices connect to the signal just fine when outside the boat. Trying to use the ENS202EXt to receive the signal outside, then connect the CAT5 output to a regular router which will let devices connect wireless inside the boat. Would be very helpful if you could help with some questions I'm not seeing anywhere else. Connection Mode: Client Bridge, correct, if being connected to a typical house router inside the boat which will be the access point for users in the boat. IP Settings: What are the recommended WAN/LAN IP settings in this scenario, dhcp or static? The marina wifi has IP of Is this my default gateway IP? As I mentioned earlier it seems that getting an IP address/DHCP is what keeps causing my failure to connect with the marina wifi. With DHCP enabled I could connect when in Client Router mode, however the connection kept dropping. Right now everything seems to be working well in the connection status section, but I have no internet access when connected wirelessly to the engenius directly. Operation Mode: Client Router (plan to change to client bridge when I connect ens202ext to router later?) LAN: IP address, DHCP Server Enabled WAN: Connection type Static, IP Address, Default Gateway (this is marina AP IP address) Connection Status-Wireless Associated, 78 MBps Connection Status-WAN Static IP, Status=UP, IP address So everything above seems like it's humming along great but I'm getting no internet. Thanks for your reply if you can see a conflict in the above settings or have any other suggestions.
  11. Hi EnGenius team, I just bought an outdoor access point model ENS202EXT but I cannot set up Password for the device. It always shows up on the WIFI list with status Open (mean No need password). I think the info I set up correctly, it is very easy to set up. Even I change the default SSID EnGenius1 to different name but after saving and check, there is no new SSID appear except the SSID EnGenius1. I capture some pictures below: (Operation mode is Access Point) The attached model.jpg below is the device The attached settings.jpg below is my settings for security mode and passphrase. The attached testing.jpg below is checking on iPhone, the EnGenius1 doesn’t have lock icon like the other SSIDs. And on the Windows PC, it says Open (not say Secured as other SSIDs) Please advice. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Nghia (Nick) Nguyen
  12. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003489808-How-to-save-Changes-on-ENS202EXT-
  13. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003801507-What-is-the-Green-Box-found-in-the-System-Properties-of-some-firmware-for-
  14. Hello, I am completly new at this. I own a ENS202EXT HWV 1.0.0 SW 1.5.35. I made a wrong firmware update. I uploaded ens202ext-fcc-v1.5.67.0 instead of ezhotspot_v3.99. Now i can't acces my Extender any more. How can i solve this. Please help me. i've searched everywhere to find a solution but i can't find it. with kind regards Campingdude
  15. As I know, ENS202EXT and EnStation2 are same platform, May I upgrade EnStation2 using ENS202EXT firmware?
  16. Customers are asking where to buy the antenna since their antenna broke.
  17. EnGenius AP/Bridges in Client Bridge mode and the devices wired to the Client bridge cannot connect to APs that require authentication via splash pages/captive portal. This may be because the EnGenius client bridge cannot translate splash pages.
  18. Question: What is the max length of the Ethernet cable from the PoE injector to the AP/Bridge? Answer: · The maximum distance you can power a device will vary depending on the access point and its voltage required, as well as the voltage provided by the power supply, and the quality of the cable. Cat6 cable is recommended for long POE runs. · 48V 802.3af standard POE can usually go about 100 meters/300 feet.
  19. The user cannot set Daylight Savings Time on his ENS202EXT. He cannot set the day setting beyond the 6th. Fix: It is only up to 6th because it is describing the nth week not the particular day of the month. For example DST for USA would be like: Start: March 2nd Sunday 2am which is March 8, 2015 2AM End: November 1st Sunday 2am which is November 1, 2015 2AM
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