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Found 6 results

  1. I have mounted two of these devices on the roof of my adjecent businesses. Both facing each other with a distance of about 150 feet. My goal was to connect one to my network and connect it to the other unit connected to a printer in the adjacent business. Assuming I am to use EDS bridge mode, can you please walk me through the setup. Your included setup materials are woefully insufficient. Attached are the device mac addresses and serial numbers. Mac addresses ending in 90 and 91 refer to the main base station l, while 96 and 97 refer to the unit connected to printer /network in adjacent building.
  2. Hello Genius, I am planning to use ENS620EXT or ENS1750 in client Bridge mode. It will be used on a slow moving vehicle. As per specification, both support fast roaming / 802.11r. My AP/Mesh network supports fast roaming / 802.11r. 1. Does 802.11r/fast roaming is supported in client bridge mode? 2. Any benchmark/data on roaming delays? Regards, Raja
  3. what do i need to make internet access work when setting up a guest SSID. it appears the default setup will create an address range that is not in my router range -- which is great for separating guest access from my network. but what needs to happen so they can still access the internet? thank you.
  4. I have qty.2 eap1750h and qty.1 ens1750 All seam to be working very well and transfer from one AP to another. Most of the devices that are being used are (Samsung mobile S8, S7, Tab A, Dell laptop, Toshiba laptop, Fire TV, Alexa, Qty.2 nest cams Stationary, Ipad mini, iPad, Samsung smart TV) Some of these devices will work fine and then have no internet, when wifi on the device is clicked we will get something like signal good 100mbs. internet may not be available, then if we turn wifi off and back on-on the device it will work how it should for a Unforeseen amount of time and then lose internet again. (the only devices this does not happen to are the 2 nest cams. at-least for the last several days). It is frustrating for everyone whether they are trying to work or just goof around on a device. I am thinking it has something to do with the devices moving from one AP to another and that can be understood for some of it- the TV does not move and the fire TV device does not move so for them to do this to makes it frustrating like I should have went with another setup of sorts. (the indoor AP units are approx. 75 apart in separate basements with the power set at 14 for 2.4 and 21 for 5. the channels are separated by 1 and 11. the outdoor AP is set similar set to channel 6. (I used the best practices suggested by Engenius for setup and all three are Identical except for channels) Our service is FIOS-wifi turned off-IP is set out of range for all 3 example where 245 is the last available on router.
  5. We are experienced admins having worked with many Engenius units and with numerous models installed over the years. This week, we are trying to work with an ENS1750 that we discovered was set up already by someone else. Via some arp packet snooping we figured out its IP, and can reach the web login screen on it at (yes, not a typo) - it redirects to (see photo attached). We also can see two custom SSIDs that are set up being broadcast in the 2.4 and 5ghz bands. But we do not know the unit's admin password (it's been changed), and so cannot login and factory reset via the GUI. More importantly, ***we cannot factory reset the unit using the hard reset button***. We have tried every combination of pressing the reset button for 10 seconds (per the manual), 30 seconds (per some postings online) and up to 60 seconds (per one email from Engenius support). Nothing changes. We have done this after the unit has been powered up for several minutes and also tried right at power-on and even while we were plugging it in. We have tried all of these MULTIPLE TIMES. Nothing works. We have had multiple experienced network techs here who have all been frustrated. No matter what we do, the unit in the end just reboots and we see the same IP and the same two custom SSIDs appear again - no reset, no factory settings, no changes at all. I do see others on this forum who have had similar problems - this seems like a bug in Engenius firmware. Does anyone have a solution, or did they just return their units to Engenius (as we're getting ready to do)?
  6. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003915608-Can-the-ENS1750-be-set-up-as-Client-Bridge-
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