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  1. The ENH202, ENH500, ENS202, ENS202EXT, ENS500, ENS500EXT, EnStation2 and EnStation5 has a log-in password limit of up to 12 characters only.
  2. When I connect to my ENH500 with my laptop via the LAN port on the POE injector, the IP address issued to my laptop is This is true of both units in my ENH500 kit. The IP address should be 192.168.1.???. When I run ipconfig through the command prompt, I get no default gateway, so I don't know how else to access the ENH500. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I have a local network which I'm trying to extend with two ENH500's. They were working fine for awhile but now seem to have stopped working. I have retrieved both of them. I'm unable to hardware reset 2 of the units back to factory defaults. Is there a way to SSH into the devices to do this? Is there a test via SSH to know if the devcies are funtioning correctly as I'm unable to get the Website to show up even when trying to reset to default and using the IP Is there a more elaborate LED status. I ask because the 3 devices (2 old and 1 new) all are doing different LED patterns on startup which makes no sense. Please advise. My setup is as follows and have attached the backups of each device below. Office --> Office AP ENH500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Home AP ENH500 --> Linksys Router ---> Home network. Thanks! info.txt backup-home.gz backup-office.gz
  4. I have 1 ENS500 and 3 ENH500 connected to it....they have been running solid for well over a year...Now when I updated the central server, and firmware to the ens500 and added a few more cameras the links are constantly dropping off at random... and I cannot for the life of me figure out why? I have factory reset all 3 and reconfigured, I have tried different channels, changed power options... ensured there is no interference of channels with wireless sniffing and still at least 1 link will drop, then another and eventually all 3 will go down....sometime the ENS500 link will only show 1 connection and not even recognize the others? Any help is tremendously appreciated. In fact if someone is willing to remote in and assist me, I'll pay them! Yes, I am at that much of a loss and have never encountered such issues with other wireless solutions! Your desperate partner, IMSYS.
  5. Question: Want to make sure that the ENH500 cannot be accessed via Telnet? Answer: The ENH500 does not support CLI on firmware version 1.1.11. On firmware version 1.3.5 and version which are available on our website, www.engeniustech.com, CLI support has been added. The CLI feature can be enabled or disabled by going to the CLI Settings found in the ENH500 graphical user interface (GUI).
  6. This is my fourth setup with the wireless products. Cannot get the ENH500 to connect with WDS Bridge. Tried no security and aes security. Reset to default settings and started over and still will not connect. Both devices can see each other in device discovery, one device can see the other in WDS-Link but the other one can not. Purchased as a kit and believe it is defective.
  7. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003799267-Why-Can-t-I-set-a-schedule-reboot-on-my-ENH500-
  8. I'm currently using two ENH500 units. Both are currently running on firmware level 1.1.11. I downloaded the latest firmware version from the site The firmware was uploaded and upgraded on both units. It behaves as though the upgrade completed successfully and restarts the units. Once the units are back online, the firmware version is still listed as 1.1.11. Am I using an incompatible firmware version or is the displayed firmware version incorrect?
  9. Between our office and warehouse I have two ENH500 configured in WDS Bridge Mode to connect the buildings wirelessly. This has worked without issue the past few years until some complexities were introduced that require us to use VLAN tagging. As soon as the tagging feature is enabled on the switch where the ENH500 interfaces, the link to the unit goes down and doesn't work until the tagging is removed. Search results rendered similar issues where it was decided that the ENH500 can't decipher or properly translate the tagging. Is this true? Are there any ways around this? The firmware I'm using is older 1.1.11. Would newer firmware rectify the issue or is there a different model that can be recommended that has this capability?
  10. Hi there, I am going to be connecting a LED sign on the motorway to the office building 500m away. Do I need 2 ENH500s? One as an AP and one as Client Bridge (picture 2), or can I just get one and set it up as CB and the office building router is the AP instead of another ENH500 (picture 1)? I’ve attached the two pics from the manual which confused me as to whether I need one or two ENH500’s to do this task.
  11. I've just started a new job and so I'm picking up where my predecessor left off. So I don't know how everything was set up. I have an ENH500 connected to a LED sign in front of me, I also have an ENH500 connected to the router, and my laptop is connected to the wifi from the router. These ENH500s were already set up like this when I arrived. I turn the LED sign on (which in turn sends power to the ENH500 connected to it), and the lights on the ENH500 show, green signal strength, LAN and WLAN are blinking, and obviously the power light is on. Is there a bridge already set up? How do I connect to the ENH500 (either of them)? (or doesn't do anything on my browser (see attachment). Does this mean the IP is changed for the ENH500? (if so, I pressed the reset button on the ENH500 on the LED sign for 15 seconds hoping that would reset its IP but still nothing happened in the browser - do I need to reset the other ENH500 too?). So long story short, how do I connect to my ENH500s? Thanks
  12. I have installed a pair of ENH500s between buildings with a clear line of site between the units but 4 power lines cutting the path above and below the line of site. The distance is about 85 yards between the units. The first unit (call it bridge1) is mounted on a pole ~30 ft above ground and between 10-15 feet above the roof peak. The second unit (bridge2) is mounted on the side of a house facing the first unit. It is ~15 ft above the bridge1 in elevation. The units appear identical, but bridge1 had the older metal POE injector with a wall-wart, while bridge2 came with the newer plastic one with built-in transformer. Bridge1 had an earlier firmware version (1.5.38?) which which I updated to 1.5.74 after verifying compatibility with Engenius Tech Support. Bridge2 came with 1.5.74 already installed. Both units are configured in WDS Bridge mode (as per Engeius' "ENH500 as WDS Bridge" document) with each other's MAC addresses entered in the correct location. The channel is set to 157 with 40MHz bandwidth. I checked with WiFi ananlyzer on my Android phone to verify that these channels were clear. I am seeing a strange asymmetry in transfer speeds between the bridges. Bridge1 is showing an RSSI of -41 (on WDS Link Status page) and the transfer speed from the speed test (on diagnostics page) is 31.7 Mbits/sec. Bridge2 is showing an RSSI of -43 and a transfer speed of 5.00 Mbits/sec. As this result seemed inexplicable, I tried with a pair of laptops connected to the links using iperf3. Iperf3 measured the transfer rate from Bridge1 to Bridge2 as 78.1 Mbits/sec, and the transfer rate from Bridge2 to Bridge1 as 5.35 Mbits/sec. This was approximately repeatable through multiple trials, and therefore, I believe that it reflects the true results. I also tried switching channels to 36 and got approximately the same results. I believe that the bridges are pointing at each other at least closely (both horizontally and vertically) and the RSSI would seem to bear that out. I have no explanation at this point as to what is going on and would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how to diagnose and correct the issue. Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Mark Rondinaro
  13. Question: What is the max length of the Ethernet cable from the PoE injector to the AP/Bridge? Answer: · The maximum distance you can power a device will vary depending on the access point and its voltage required, as well as the voltage provided by the power supply, and the quality of the cable. Cat6 cable is recommended for long POE runs. · 48V 802.3af standard POE can usually go about 100 meters/300 feet.
  14. Slayman

    Bridging Kits

    Can these devices be preconfigured so out of the box they will wirelessly connect? If customers want to modify the IP's, channels, output power, etc they can do so.
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