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Found 16 results

  1. I have several ENH202's to extend wireless networks at a few properties. One system has an access point at one end (wired to internet) and a client bridge at the other (wired to a tp-link access point inside the building). What's the difference between client bridge and client router mode? I have multiple WIFI clients at the far end.
  2. The ENH202, ENH500, ENS202, ENS202EXT, ENS500, ENS500EXT, EnStation2 and EnStation5 has a log-in password limit of up to 12 characters only.
  3. after upgrading my AP from 1.6.62 to 1.6.70 the username and password box don't display. Yes I have rebooted it several times. My other AP and Bridge that are not upgraded are working fine. Ideas? Can't login to it now. It is below. Device Discovery Device Name Operation Mode IP Address System MAC Address Firmware Version MYBRIDGE Wireless Client 88:DC:96:42:59:0C 1.6.62 MYAP Access Point 88:DC:96:48:5E:61 1.6.70
  4. I currently have a ENH202 serving as an access point to 4 security cameras. (see image) The ENH202 works really good in all weather conditions. I would like to extend the wireless to a well house to run another security camera. The ENH202 cannot deliver wireless to the well because a metal shed blocks the signal. Could I bridge another ENH202 on shed which is in the line of site to extend the wireless to the well? What product should I use?
  5. Neutron network across 3 buildings using 3 ENH202s in wireless bridge mode. I can only manage 1 device at each remote location Is this by design? I need 4 in the main, 3 in the secondary building and 1-2 in the third building
  6. So. no support - eesh. the user community is all we get? I've sent email to Engenius and gotten no reply, hoping someone here can help - I have 2 Enh202's that are modified as OEM products for DoorKing. The IP info is set to DHCP and I need to login and change them to hardcoded for obvious security reasons. DoorKing has no idea what the Login user/pass is for their units and referred me to Engenius. (It amazes me that Doorking doesn't know this info). I'm looking for the default login info the the HTTP/web interface of these units so I can program them. Anyone? I've tried the obvious - admin/admin, admin / last 4 of the SN, admin / 9999, admin / 1731, admin / 7396. These are google search results - mainly for Doorking SW and keypads but none work regardless. I'll give this post a few days and be hopeful - otherwise i'll need to find another solution - this project is supposed to be done on the 26th. FYI - these units have a VOIP ATA interface on them, which allows the phone line from the house to the gate (about 1/2mile) to function. The inground / trenched phone line has gone bad.
  7. I have 2 ENH202 units set up as WDS Access Points. One is connected via Ethernet to the office LAN, and the other is at a building across the street connected only to POE. The unit across the street is positioned so as to function both as a WDS connection with the office unit, and to be a WiFi access point for the devices inside the building. That's working well. However, the devices accessing the WiFi access point across the street really only need internet connection. They do not otherwise need any access to the office LAN. But as access points, all devices connecting to the ENH202 units share the same IP subnet and can access the LAN. Is there a way to make it so that devices connecting via WiFi through the ENH202 WDS access points can access ONLY the internet but nothing else on the office LAN - without the need for additional hardware (another router, etc.)?
  8. Hello, A home that I am working in has the following setup: Satellite Internet DLink Router 2X Dlink 306AV Powerline Adapters Enh202 The Modem and router are on one side of the room with the router connected to the modem and then the first powerline adapter plugged into the router. On the other side of the room is the enh202 which is networked with the second powerline adapter. The enh is showing 3 green lights with flickering green on the WAN which indicated activity. The setup was working until last week when the family switched Internet providers and the modem/router combo from the old ISP was switched out with a separate modem and router setup for the new provider. What they want to accomplish is to use the enh202 to send a WiFi signal to a guest house which is about 20-30 yards away from the family home. It was working before the ISP switch but now it isn't. How do I get into the settings for the enh202 to make sure everything is as it should be? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Scott
  9. I'm a professional sound tech, and I use basic network connections every day to configure and control audio and video equipment, but I'm not a network professional. I've set up multiple modems and wifi routers in my home and shop, including to a building that gets its internet connection via a PtP wireless bridge. I have an application where I want to control my sound mixing console (a Midas Pro1) remotely via its iPad app. I have done this successfully with consumer wireless routers, but have been disappointed with the working range. I need to be able to walk around in fairly large venues (300'-400'-500' away from the AP) and have a reliable connection. I am not even reliably getting 100' on the consumer units when a crowd of people show up. I picked up an ENH202 as an attempt to resolve the range issue. For example's sake, I have the Midas Pro1 console at, and the ENH202 at For testing purposes, I didn't change any of the wireless settings (SSID, security, etc.). I can connect to the AP, but but I'm not being successful in getting my iPad to talk to the Mixer. I then thought, well maybe it needs a router in between to explicitly make the connection. That's when I picked up the Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX, thinking I could also use the POE feature to keep my cabling cleaner to the ENH202. I've worked mostly with all-in-one routers/switches/wifi AP devices, and so getting the separate components is new to me, and I think that's where my problem lies. My application is very simple. I have a mixer (the server?) that needs to connect to two or three iPads via an AP. That's it. It all connects fine when I use a consumer all-in-one unit, but the range and reliability of the connection suck. The better hardware is so flexible it needs more configuration work out of the box than I have knowledge of how to do it. Can someone help with a simple configuration approach for two or three iPads to connect wirelessly through the ENH202 into the hardwired network connection of the Midas Pro1? Which mode should the ENH202 be in? I can set the IP address to anything on the Midas. I can have it be the DHCP server. I get stuck when the ENH202 needs to know the default gateway. Isn't that the Midas ( in my example)? Do I need a router, or can I just use the ENH202 if I get the correct settings? If I need a router between the Midas Pro1 and the ENH202, what are the basic port configurations? Again, I'm only going to have two ports in use - the Pro1 and the ENH202. I don't want to have to connect to the command line interface port, and learn yet another script language. Is this just out of the realm of what these devices are built for? Go ahead and school me - I'm a sound guy, I can take it Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I noticed that in my network, all ENH202 have port 53 open, indicating that DNS services are running on the units. Is there a way to stop the DNS service ? (and or close of port 53) thanks, Edwin.
  11. Hello, I recently purchased an ENH202 to use as a wireless bridge. I was able to configure the device and get it working however it's demonstrating some unusual behavior. Although I can ping the bridge I cannot ping the device which is connected to it. Additionally, the device connected to the bridge cannot receive IP addresses from my local DHCP server as though both ping and dhcp are being blocked by the ENH202. I set the device to have a static IP to avoid the DHCP issue but the ping issue remains. Strangely enough I'm actually able to connect to the device via port 80 as it has a local web server so I can confirm the connection is valid. Can you please help me allow all traffic through the bridge (stop blocking Ping and DHCP)? Thanks, MB
  12. Hello everyone, Forgive me for my inexperience with the world of networking, but I have a question regarding a wireless Ethernet bridge's capabilities, particularly the ENH202 module. I am wondering whether it would be possible to connect a remote Beaglebone Black (single board computer that runs Linux) to a computer using the ENH202 module. In particular, I want to know whether the ENH202 would allow me to SSH into the Beaglebone Black from the computer. In other words, could I configure the ENH202 to act as a sort of "long distance Ethernet cable?" I know that using a real Ethernet cable, one could SSH into a Beaglebone Black from a computer using just that Ethernet cable.
  13. Scenario: ENH202 is set up as client bridge on a boat and would like to connect to the unsecured marina AP. The ENH202 would associate to the marina AP but would not allow internet to pass through. When connecting to the marina AP using a laptop, a sign in to a splash page will pop up to agree with terms and conditions to get internet connection. Fix: The ENH202 cannot log-in or sign in to a splash page. The CB cannot translate splash pages or captive portals.
  14. EnGenius AP/Bridges in Client Bridge mode and the devices wired to the Client bridge cannot connect to APs that require authentication via splash pages/captive portal. This may be because the EnGenius client bridge cannot translate splash pages.
  15. Question: What is the max length of the Ethernet cable from the PoE injector to the AP/Bridge? Answer: · The maximum distance you can power a device will vary depending on the access point and its voltage required, as well as the voltage provided by the power supply, and the quality of the cable. Cat6 cable is recommended for long POE runs. · 48V 802.3af standard POE can usually go about 100 meters/300 feet.
  16. Slayman

    Bridging Kits

    Can these devices be preconfigured so out of the box they will wirelessly connect? If customers want to modify the IP's, channels, output power, etc they can do so.
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