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  1. I recently purchased two brand new ac 1200H wireless access points. I installed one in my Procurement office which is working fantastic, and the other in my Accounting Office which is having issues. If I try and create an SSID (or use the default built in networks on either 2.4 or 5G), the signal strength appears fine, but it takes forever for the client device to obtain an ip address (for my network, it would be 10.8.8.x). Once it does, it usually says No Internet. If by some miracle, you do get a connection, the speed test comes back at less the 1MB ( I have 50MB internet). Interesting enough, if I use the built in guest network (this appears to assign clients a 192.168.100.x address), not only does it connect, but it's blazing fast. This works fine for my guests, but I need internal employees to be able to connect to the regular network so that they can browse network resources and access network printers. I've been struggling with this for the last 3 days. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. At the risk of displaying my network ignorance... I have a Router with address My EAP1200H is at Everything works fine - but I cannot access the EAP management page to save my life... I have to take the thing down and connect from a stand-alone computer... It's making me nuts!! Any suggestions as to how to connect to the AP from my regular network?? Thanks!
  3. Electron Series EAP1200H in comparison to Neutron Series EWS350AP.
  4. What will we do if the GUI cannot be accessed but the device can be pinged? 1. If a log-in screen appears, make sure to type in the correct log-in username and password. If not even the log-in screen appears, try the following: 1. Try typing https:// instead of http:// before the access point IP address. This is just in case the AP was configured for https access instead of http. 2. Disable the anti-virus and firewall on the computer. 3. Try another web browser. 4. Clear the web browser cache and browsing history. If the above fails: Reset the AP, connect the computer directly to the AP via Ethernet cable, disable the wlan adapter of the computer, set a static IP address on the computer Ethernet NIC that is on the same subnet as the default IP of the AP, check that the LAN LED on the AP is lit then try to access the AP GUI.
  5. Topic: What are the typical roaming problems? Scenario: Doctors uses iPad mini`s to view patient records and they are experiencing roaming issues. Answer: 1. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too high. - Wireless client roams between multiple AP`s, even though signal strength is stable. 2. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too low. - Wireless client is “sticky” to a particular AP, even though stronger AP is available. Solution: 1. Control the transmit power of each device. - Properly set the transmit power in reference to its location, physical obstructions or type of environment and wireless interference from neighbouring AP`s. - We recommend to set the transmit power initially to 14dBm on the 2.4GHz and 20dBm on the 5GHz then have an incremental of 3dBm if necessary. It is suggested to use an RSSI Tool to help identify the transmit power the AP needs. 2. Set a relative Fast Handover/ RSSI Threshold value. - Some wireless client devices retains connection to a weak signal even if there`s a stronger one available. - Set the RSSI Threshold/ Fast Handover value to -80dBm. It will force the client device to disconnect from the AP thus allowing it to scan and connect to a stronger signal. Applicable devices: EWS360AP, EWS350AP, EWS320AP, EWS310AP, EWS510AP, ECB1750, ECB1200, EAP1750H, and EAP1200H.
  6. If the 2.4GHz radio on the dual-band AP is set to Client bridge, WDS-Bridge or WDS Station then the option to set the 5GHz radio to Client Bridge, WDS-Bridge or WDS Station does not appear and vice versa.
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