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Found 11 results

  1. I have several ENH202's to extend wireless networks at a few properties. One system has an access point at one end (wired to internet) and a client bridge at the other (wired to a tp-link access point inside the building). What's the difference between client bridge and client router mode? I have multiple WIFI clients at the far end.
  2. What would be the proper configuration for 3 eap1750h units? I have trouble getting connectivity when all three unit are in Bridge WDS mode. I was able to have all three connected when I had one in Ap WDS, and two in Bridge WDS. 1 is in the basement facing up on top of a NVR, another is on the 1st floor in a closet mounted on the ceiling, and the last one is in a cabinet facing up on a shelf. I have very weak Signal strength. -70 , and -78 dB. I can add a 4th unit if it will help the signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. We have deployed a pair of EnGenius EnStationAC wireless point to point antennas (2.0.104 firmware) and need some assistance. We have the connection established, however, we are seeing a lot of latency across the wireless bridge. Ping responses to the wired antenna is <1ms, however, ping responses to the antenna on the far end of the bridge average 125ms. This is causing some major network delays for any client connected on the opposite side of the bridge. The antennas are outside approximately 300ft. apart with clear line of site. The RSSI of the link is a -44dBm. The antennas are configured as WDS Bridge on mode 802.11 AC/N with channel HT Mode as 80MHz(AC Only) on changel Ch36-5.18GHz. Transmit power & Data Rate are set to Auto. There is no interference from any other wireless networks and the Distance is set to 1km (0.6miles). Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to reduce the latency of traffic on this bridge? Currently, there are only 2 client machines connected to far end of the bridge but we see the latency even with those devices disconnected/powered off. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have 4 Ens202 set up in wds bridge mode. Had them connected to a Ens202ext setup as a access point but would work for a week then sometimes to a few hours then stop working. I would restart the AP and would work. Now have comfast CF-E314N set as an ap will work for weeks then act up. Wondering what I'm doing wrong or if I need a different ap I still have the ens202ext. The ens202 all have line is sight. The farthest is about 1500 feet. They are on security cameras.
  5. OK friends - I have a puzzler with my wifi situation in a Broward County park. I like to use a dual band outdoor access point to get a good strong signal at my campsite and in my coach. I use the 5Ghz side to join the park’s wifi network, and I use the bridges 2.4ghz side to create a network for use at my site.Worked great when I tested this at home, but here at the park the wifi is unsecured with a pop-up on which you must click “ok” to gain access to the network.I can’t figure out how to get the 5Ghz side of my dual band to accept those terms and conditions, and until it does so it doesn’t get internet access. So the 2.4ghz side doesn’t get access either, and I’m left with weak and spotty signal in my coach.Any idea how I can get my Access Point through that gateway ?
  6. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002553411-How-to-optimize-wireless-bridge-after-deployment-
  7. Ok. Crazy question... ...has anybody setup a second wds bridge for redundancy using the poe lan port on the enstationac? Obviously different channels, settings etc, would be required, but by setting up two bridges on different frwquencies would redundancy be reliable or just cause interference? 1.1 mile connection...current enstation ac needs to be reset once a day on average...
  8. I have two EAP600 on different ceilings of a house. Both are directly wired to a Netgear GS752TP switch with 48 port PoE. The switch in turn is connected to a cable modem + router from the local cable company Spectrum (formerly Oceanic Cable) with its wireless disabled. Internet is intermittently sluggish. I want both EAP600 setup so they receive Internet via the switch and someone can go between access points without disconnecting from one to connect to the other and without a reduction in signal due to being connected together. I've attached screenshots and a diagram of the configuration. Can someone tell me if I have configure it correctly? Also does the two EAP600 being different H/W and S/W version make any difference? Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. EAP600.pdf
  9. Would an EnStation device be able to be set up as a Client Bridge with a ENS1750EXT? I have already mobilized the ENS1750EXT to the mast on the roof and I want to avoid having to run addtional wires or mounting any thing more on the mast if I can avoid it. The ENS1750EXT would be used as the central hub of the client bridge and the EnStation device would be used as the receiver side of the bridge. From there the signal would be broadcast through an SA5219 paired to an ENS500EXT. I just want to make sure that the EnStation will bridge to the ENS1750EXT or if it would be better to have an EnStation-EnStation pair? Everything I've read says that bridge should be compatible, and more so by using devices from the same manufacturer. The other option is to put the ENS1750EXT into mesh mode and simply associate the EnStation as a client.
  10. Hello everyone, Forgive me for my inexperience with the world of networking, but I have a question regarding a wireless Ethernet bridge's capabilities, particularly the ENH202 module. I am wondering whether it would be possible to connect a remote Beaglebone Black (single board computer that runs Linux) to a computer using the ENH202 module. In particular, I want to know whether the ENH202 would allow me to SSH into the Beaglebone Black from the computer. In other words, could I configure the ENH202 to act as a sort of "long distance Ethernet cable?" I know that using a real Ethernet cable, one could SSH into a Beaglebone Black from a computer using just that Ethernet cable.
  11. I've just started a new job and so I'm picking up where my predecessor left off. So I don't know how everything was set up. I have an ENH500 connected to a LED sign in front of me, I also have an ENH500 connected to the router, and my laptop is connected to the wifi from the router. These ENH500s were already set up like this when I arrived. I turn the LED sign on (which in turn sends power to the ENH500 connected to it), and the lights on the ENH500 show, green signal strength, LAN and WLAN are blinking, and obviously the power light is on. Is there a bridge already set up? How do I connect to the ENH500 (either of them)? (or doesn't do anything on my browser (see attachment). Does this mean the IP is changed for the ENH500? (if so, I pressed the reset button on the ENH500 on the LED sign for 15 seconds hoping that would reset its IP but still nothing happened in the browser - do I need to reset the other ENH500 too?). So long story short, how do I connect to my ENH500s? Thanks
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