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Found 10 results

  1. What would be the proper configuration for 3 eap1750h units? I have trouble getting connectivity when all three unit are in Bridge WDS mode. I was able to have all three connected when I had one in Ap WDS, and two in Bridge WDS. 1 is in the basement facing up on top of a NVR, another is on the 1st floor in a closet mounted on the ceiling, and the last one is in a cabinet facing up on a shelf. I have very weak Signal strength. -70 , and -78 dB. I can add a 4th unit if it will help the signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I've got an EnStation5-AC that I would like to use as access point. However when connected to my network, the EnStation does not receive a DHCP address. When I setup a static IP matching my network, I still can't access it. The only way I can access it is by connecting directly to the device. This way I am able to setup an SSID but clients fail to get a DHCP address from my router. What am I missing here? I'd love to put some other firmware on this device and get full CLI access to openwrt... But it seems hard to find *any* info on this device online
  3. I have 4 Ens202 set up in wds bridge mode. Had them connected to a Ens202ext setup as a access point but would work for a week then sometimes to a few hours then stop working. I would restart the AP and would work. Now have comfast CF-E314N set as an ap will work for weeks then act up. Wondering what I'm doing wrong or if I need a different ap I still have the ens202ext. The ens202 all have line is sight. The farthest is about 1500 feet. They are on security cameras.
  4. The SA2312 sector antenna has 3 N-connectors on the back of it. Is a 3-antenna access point required for full functionality of the antenna? Or will my 1-antenna Ubiquiti bullet suffice? By using only one of the connectors on the antenna, am I only getting a third of the performance? Thanks
  5. I reset my EAP3660 access point by long pressing the reset button until all the lights go off. When I try to configure it via web browser through, it ask for username and password, I have tried the default username and password (admin, admin) but no luck. I'm pretty sure the device has reset because the IP address has changed to its default ( Please help.
  6. I have two EAP600 on different ceilings of a house. Both are directly wired to a Netgear GS752TP switch with 48 port PoE. The switch in turn is connected to a cable modem + router from the local cable company Spectrum (formerly Oceanic Cable) with its wireless disabled. Internet is intermittently sluggish. I want both EAP600 setup so they receive Internet via the switch and someone can go between access points without disconnecting from one to connect to the other and without a reduction in signal due to being connected together. I've attached screenshots and a diagram of the configuration. Can someone tell me if I have configure it correctly? Also does the two EAP600 being different H/W and S/W version make any difference? Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. EAP600.pdf
  7. Hello, My ecb300 was working well for one entire year with the same configuration when suddenly the SSID disappeared. By rebooting the AP it came back but disappeared again after a few hours (many tries). Sometimes it came back for no particular reasons for a few moments again (many occurrences). Putting the AP off for some hours worked also, but the ssid always finished to vanish (many tries). I tried to change the ethernet cable and the switch port, to change the configuration (create a new ssid, change the name, encryption, channel etc), the physical location of the ap, upgrade the firmware : nothing better. After that I returned the ap to the vendor for an exchange with a new one. Same problem : I believe they sent me the same ap repackaged (maybe they tested it and saw it working well as it used to do sometimes, bad luck for me) ... Obviously, during the disappearances, all the mobile phones and computers lose connection and cannot reconnect ... So I think it is not a problem of configuration since it worked well for a year, nor of location for the same reason and because a Freebox is in the same place and got no problem of wifi visibility. Any ideas please ?
  8. I have an ENS202 ( actually 2 of them for creating a connection across a span that I cannot run cable ) it keeps shutting down the AP Wi-Fi I create, works for a bit but once I start using it heavily the SSID I made drops from all devices that could discover it, phone, tablet, any Wi-Fi device. since I have 2 of the same units I swapped them out but the results are the same. Now once I reboot it manually by unplugging the POE cable for a few it will work fine till I put any serious traffic on it. - I'm thinking that maybe my POE cable could be pushing the length limit? its 50ft ( 16 meters ) the power light is still active but the network is gone. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. AP MeshCam is a multimode device and can be configured in many applications. Each of the below network applications has it's own key benefit.
  10. The Edison is the powerful new computing module from Intel®. The Edison packs a host of features, including WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth (4.0 and 2.1 EDR), UARTs, I2C, SPI, USB, and 40 GPIO. It’s driven by a 32-bit Intel® Atom™ Processor clocked at 500MHz, supported by 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 4GB eMMC flash memory. To top it off, it’s housed in a tiny, 35.5 x 25.0 x 3.9 mm module. Edit from https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/edison-getting-started-guide Here are some information Getting started with Access Point (AP) Mode for the Intel® Edison board https://software.intel.com/en-us/getting-started-with-ap-mode-for-intel-edison-board How configure an Intel Edison as a Wireless Access Point. http://reprage.com/post/how-to-configure-the-intel-edison-as-a-wireless-access-point Intel IoT Gateway Technology: Five Key Differences 1. Performance at the Edge That Enables Near Real-Time Analytics, Local Decision-Making, and Tighter Process Controls. 2. Advanced Security for Trusted Data from Edge to Cloud and Protection from Costly Attacks 3. Scalability for Varying Levels of Gateway Performance Requirements 4. Manageability for Secure Remote Upgrades and Services 5. Faster, More Flexible Deployment with a Platform That Supports Your Choice of Operating Systems and Ecosystem Applications Intel® IoT Gateway Technology http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/embedded/solutions/iot-gateway/iot-gateways-product-brief.html https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/hardware/gateways
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