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  1. I have three EnGenius EAP1300EXT access points. Visiting https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/enturbo-11ac-wave-2-indoor-wireless-ap-w-high-gain-antennas/ showed that new firmware was available, so I upgraded one of my access points to make sure everything works ok before upgrading the other two. It appeared that the upgrade completed ok. Problem is that after the firmware upgrade completed, I can no longer access the CP. I get the login screen, and using my user default name and password shows an invalid username or password. I tried using the factory default, no joy. Even though there's no documentation for this model on the hardware reset button, I tried it several ways, 10 seconds, 30 seconds powered, unpowered, and going from unpowered to powered. No joy there either, only now if I try logging in using my username and the default 'admin' password, I get a white screen. Trying any other combination shows invalid username or password. Wifi Explorer shows the unit is online and connecting to clients normally using the SSID & WPA2 passcode as I set it up before the upgrade. It's only the CP that I can't access, so I can't make any future changes. Looking at that white page Chrome console shows a 404 error, and looking at the page source looks like the standard login screen. Using Device Discovery on the Tools page of another AP on the network sees the AP and it's showing firmware 3.0.0 (the other APs show firmware 1.0.0). So at this point I'm not upgrading my other APs to the newer firmware. My network is operating ok (even the AP with newer firmware) and no users are affected by this issue, only the poor admin (me) who can no longer control or make any changes to the AP. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas or suggestions? I did backup the configuration, but there's no way to restore it without access to the CP, otherwise I'd have tried that. Thanks in advance for any wizardry out there that can help!
  2. Hi everybody. I'm having a problem with my iOS device (iPhone) connecting to the EnGenius AP device, and I need a help. The problem is: My iPhone device is intermitted network connection. When the screen is on, the connection is normal. But when the screen is off, it will lose connection, also don't display the wifi icon until the screen opens. So I can not get notification as message or email realtime when I turn off the screen. Does anyone have this problem? Please explain or help me. I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much!
  3. Assess, Analyze & Optimize Your Wireless Networks With wireless technology constantly changing, wireless network design is imperative. The intuitive web-based network design tool, ezWiFi Planner, allows you to easily plan for your indoor and outdoor wireless deployments. Start designing your wireless projects using the license-free software by logging into the partner portal at partners.engeniustech.com. Start your projects by uploading your site floor plans and set your scale to accurately plan AP distribution and placement. The tools algorithm will auto place devices and will intuitively set your channels to the location of your project to adhere to country standards. Finish off your design with easy reporting you can export and customize to meet your clients needs. Features of the ezWiFi Planner: Upload your floor plan and set your scale to plan your project sites to kickstart planning Design for indoor and outdoor projects Draw Wi-Fi coverage areas and any site obstacles ezWiFi Planner algorithm will accurately place devices throughout your project to accommodate coverage and output needs identified Auto channelize your project Add multiple product models and optimize your site Heat map coverage for visualization of projects Inventory reports to showcase devices deployed in project as well as device settings for easy deployment Customizable reporting for easy proposals to customers Reporting includes site floor plan overview, inventory lists, channelization, heat map coverage and WDS coverage. Take your plan and put it to action! With the floor plan overview you can easily import to ezMaster software for easy configuration for your deployments as well as future management. Design your indoor projects and visualize with heat map coverage. Plan multiple floor plans / levels within a single project design. Need to connect multiple buildings? The WDS bridge algorithm within the tool will allow you to design P2P project sites for accurate coverage and device placement. Ensure coverage where you need it! With optional external antennas, the tool will design and plan for both device and antenna settings and project needs. Know the best devices and placement of your devices through designing your projects to increase efficiencies on deployment! Check out all of the features of the ezWiFi Planner and Try it Now! Within the ezWiFi Planner you have access to expert support from EnGenius as well as step-by-step instructions on all product features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmJjdnSeRJg
  4. I recently purchased two brand new ac 1200H wireless access points. I installed one in my Procurement office which is working fantastic, and the other in my Accounting Office which is having issues. If I try and create an SSID (or use the default built in networks on either 2.4 or 5G), the signal strength appears fine, but it takes forever for the client device to obtain an ip address (for my network, it would be 10.8.8.x). Once it does, it usually says No Internet. If by some miracle, you do get a connection, the speed test comes back at less the 1MB ( I have 50MB internet). Interesting enough, if I use the built in guest network (this appears to assign clients a 192.168.100.x address), not only does it connect, but it's blazing fast. This works fine for my guests, but I need internal employees to be able to connect to the regular network so that they can browse network resources and access network printers. I've been struggling with this for the last 3 days. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Considering I have 2 Sector Antenna (SA2312) and I want to achieve 240 degree coverage, I attach the Sector Antenna with 2x2 MIMO access point. In addition, what would be the affect to their throughput? One more thing, if I have 100 concurrent users at worst case scenarios, should the combination of SA2312 with either ENS50EXT or ENS200EXT be recommended? If not, what would be the best application in terms of using two SAs.
  6. The SA2312 sector antenna has 3 N-connectors on the back of it. Is a 3-antenna access point required for full functionality of the antenna? Or will my 1-antenna Ubiquiti bullet suffice? By using only one of the connectors on the antenna, am I only getting a third of the performance? Thanks
  7. We bought a kit of three AC1200 EMR-3000 EnMesh APs. They work nicely. We now need to mount them on the ceiling but they came without ceiling brackets, although each has a couple of screw holes for attaching a bracket. Can ceiling brackets be purchased separately?
  8. I had and ENH 500 set up as an access point under the default IP, subnet mask and the default gate way was The client bridge in another building with IP cameras connected to it was set up subnet mask and the default gateway was (my router). Everything worked great until we put internet in the building with the AP and connected it to our router. Since the internet has been plugged in I cannot get the AP to work. The internet also has the IP address causing a conflict. I logged into the AP by changing the settings on my laptop per the instruction manual, but cannot get my router to see the AP with the new information. I changed the AP's IP address to subnet mask to and the default gateway to Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. EnGenius' products offer several modes. Access Point, Client Bridge and WDS Bridge modes are the most popular.
  10. Hi there, I am going to be connecting a LED sign on the motorway to the office building 500m away. Do I need 2 ENH500s? One as an AP and one as Client Bridge (picture 2), or can I just get one and set it up as CB and the office building router is the AP instead of another ENH500 (picture 1)? I’ve attached the two pics from the manual which confused me as to whether I need one or two ENH500’s to do this task.
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