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    Captive Portal multiple APs

    Apparently that only works when using the GUEST NETWORK. Alas, I've found the Guest network will not work for me. Engenius says the guest network is only for 1 AP installations. IIRC
  2. DennisT

    Wireless network is unreliable.

    I had ezMaster set up with the AP Group using the Guest Network feature. Once I disabled that and entered the settings in the WLAN 2.4/5Ghz area everything went solid. I've had the APs and switches being managed by ezMaster for a week now and the system has performed without interruption. IDK why the Guest Network feature wasn't working. Under the best practices they state it should only be used when you have only 1 AP. I did try and run with 1 AP and no engenius switches but that was failing also. Perhaps the settings in the remaining AP expected ezmaster and the other AP to be there. Whatever the core issue was, the Guest Network just did not work for me.
  3. I have 2 EWS350AP WAPs, EWS5912FP, and EWS57928P switches. I have a ezMaster host set up. The ezMaster host is on our LAN. The switches & WAPs are on our guest wireless PSN. Everything works, somewhat. WAPs and switches will work for a short while, and then go offline. Sometimes they come back, stay up for a short while, then go back down. I've pulled the switches from ezMaster management, pulled them completely from the newtork and used another switch (Adtran which is dead reliable in the same network). Shut down the ezMaster host. Nothing I've done will make the WAPs stay up reliably. Currently I have the Adtran connected to our pfsense switch on our guest PSN port. The WAPs are connected directly to it. No VLAN and no other equipment is on that network. WAPs are powered via POE and the switch is on a UPS. The WAPs have full IPV4 access to the ezMaster host and the same for the host to the WAPs. ezMaster is running. Both WAPs will go down intermittently and it can be over an hour before they come back up. There seems to be no pattern. The WAPs are on the latest firmware. This is my 1st business wireless network with Engenius. I have a couple of their older WAPs at home and they're very reliable. These however aren't usable the way they're performing. I have a case open with support but they've gone dark (holidays probably). Any ideas?

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