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  1. I have recently installed three EWS360AP devices on my network replacing older non managed APs from another manufacturer. Since installing the EWS360APs I have been experiencing issues with my various clients not being able to connect or connecting but not receiving IP addresses from my DHCP server. The clients that do not receive an IP address with get connected and receive an IP address if I restart the router or if i just disconnect the network cable (non-POE) from the switch for a moment and then reconnect it. This leads me to believe that there may be something not configured correctly in the switch, but the old access points did not have this issue. So I am stuck trying to figure this out. I have been trouble shooting this for over two weeks and I am getting nowhere. I am running the ezMaster controller software for management of the APS. If I cannot get this working soon I will be forced to go another route for our wireless needs. thank you David McQuade backup (1).bin
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