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  1. Hi all Can someone tell me more about the EZ Hotspot Extender. I read about it here: http://www.engenius-europe.com/index.php/product-zoo/hotspot-extender-for-motorhome-yacht-campsite I like the look of the clean web setup interface. It seems like it's a firmware for the ENS202EXT - is that correct? If so, does it offer any advantages / disadvantages over the v1.5.67 firmware for the ENS202EXT? Cheers
  2. I solved the problem. I had to manually set the IP address for my laptop and router. Not totally sure the MTU settings change was necessary - anyway I was able to login and regain control! Hope this helps someone else if the same issue is experienced.
  3. Hi all Hoping someone can help with resetting an ENS202EXT. Just the other day I changed the mode from Access Point to Repeater to boost a campsite wifi signal. All went well with the mode change and it worked great. Today I'm at a new campsite so I tried to reset the unit - however even after multiple resets, I'm unable to login at over ethernet - no connection with the unit at all. The reset process looks like it works as expected with the power light flashing after 10+ seconds, at which point I stop holding the reset button and the unit appears to reboot successfully. I can see wifi with SSID engenius1 but my laptop is unable to connect. So I'm stuffed being able to connect. Any ideas?! Regards
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