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  1. Thanks Mike. I've read the article and the info is similar to most of what I've read online and watched in video. I think the problem I am having is that most of the people who use your stuff are experts so when a infrastructure novice like myself (I am on the software side of IT) your documentation just doesn't cover the basics enough. What I am trying to do is about as simple as it should ever be with your technology. I want to connect my Version Fios router to an ENH500 as the upstream unit: Verizon router into the LAN port of the PoE, then from the PoE port to the LAN port of the ENH500. This ENH500 should beam over to the other ENH500 (downstream). This then has the cable coming out of the PoE port of the ENH to the LAN port of the PoE, then from the LAN port of the PoE adapter to Another router. This router should have both wifi and hardware capability so I can plug cameras into it and also connect one camera outside of the building to the router via wifi becasue running a cable would be difficult. None of your documentation shows this very simple set-up with any clarity. The closest I can see if Figure 2 in the document on the link you just sent me. But in this diagram it has two "Root switch at demark" one on each side. I'm not sure why i would need those. I have already connected the two units together via MAC setting and they showed that they are connected but now that I have them up on the buildings the signal coming out of the downstream ENH500 does not give the router a positive signal on the router internet light. Also, the upstream ENH shows a strong signal but none of the signal lights on the downstream ENH light up to show signal strength. It seems like there should be some way to test that the downstream ENH is getting a good signal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Mike. Yes. Took me some time but eventually figured out what you suggested here. It doesn't mention those types of things in the documents, probably because most people who do this probably already know these basics. I was able to get everything working pretty easily in the end. Only thing left to figure out is how do I make sure that my Verizon router is sending a 5G signal to the ENH500 when I directly connect it to the router. Right now I am not sure how to check that. I was also surprised that when the two sides of the bridge were in the same room that my signal rating was -25. Odd since they were about 10 feet apart.
  3. I am attempting to login for CPE setup at address but this page automatically loads the Fios router home screen and therefore I cannot login to the EnGenius CEP homepage to configure it. can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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