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  1. Using ENH202 to service a back lot and several small produce storage areas with sliding doors that allow signal to radiate into the coolers. System was working 100% until recently when we lost the AP's Wi-Fi signal. Removed the AP to our bench and connected to our 192.168.1.xxx network for testing. Using our shop POE injector we do have Wi-Fi signal again so we may have a PS issue at the site. Strangely enough we could still access the router GUI via the LAN connection when the Wi-Fi was missing!? Device IP is 192.168.2.xxx BUT we are seeing that it is using our in-house DHCP server to issue addresses on the Wi-Fi in the range of 192.168.1.xxx. Trying to understand how the device is able to communicate with our server across the 192.168.1.xxx LAN with the current 192.168.2.xxx IP address. Seems the AP should not know anything about our local DHCP server. Tech says the device is a bridge but we are running AP mode and on a completely different network. Anyone able to elaborate?
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