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  1. DrDeJe

    EMR3000 used wired

    Hi JanP, You can connect each pod with you're lan. No need to connect them together. Greets
  2. DrDeJe

    Change default IP number EMR3000

    Great!!! Tanks. It did work.
  3. Hi There, Question. De default IP adres of the master EMR3000 is (All the other devices get following numbers). My modem at home has default IP Because of that, some devices connected to the WIFI from the EMR3000 can't see devices from my standart IP range. The question is: I want de EMR3000 has also IP numbers like and and so on. (I've got 6 of the EMR3000). How can I change the IP numbers of the devices or....... how can I change the IP numbers from the WIFI network? My modem has got a DHCP server witch is master. But when I shut down the DHCP in the EMR3000 settings, only one (the master EMR3000) was connected (and NOT with the IP number I'de hoped for - still something like Can somebody help me please? Best regards, Yves
  4. DrDeJe

    EMR3000 used wired

    Hi there, Is there someone from maybe the tech team who can tell me what's the number of the firmware with the backhaul function? Will that function be available in 2017? Maybe 2018? Best regards.
  5. DrDeJe

    EMR3000 used wired

    Hi Steven, Can you tell me the number (ID) of that release? Can I check releasenotes somewhere? I know Google WiFi has got this function but I'm more happy with the Engenius products. So I hope that big firmware update will be there soon. Best regards, Yves
  6. DrDeJe

    EMR3000 used wired

    Hallo there. I have a question about de emr3000 pods (Enmesh Engenius). Ik know you will only need to wire the master pod to use the systeem. But.... When I use powerline adapters to the second floor and connect the second and third pod of the system with it, will they work better? (Because they get the signal straight from the modem by the powerline adapters?) Or will they not work that wat? Couln't find any answer on the internet. Best regards

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