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  1. Update to my old posts: I have a total of four of these devices. It was such a pain to upgrade one of them to firmware version 3.0.0 that I deferred upgrading the others (all were still on version 1.0.0). So today on a lark I checked and see that firmware version 3.5.5 is available, so followed the instructions at https://www.engeniustech.com/eap1300ext-firmware.html which calls for two downloads (install part 1, restart and then install part 2). I installed part 1 on one of my AP's, and ran into the same problem of not being able to get to the management interface after rebooting the unit. After much trial and error, I think I hit on the solution, which is to: 1. hold down the physical reset button for 60 seconds, then repower, then repeat, then repower... 2. then hold down the reset button about 30 seconds, wait for it to finish starting up, then hold down the reset button about 30 seconds (no repower), and wait for it to finish starting up. I think I did step 2 at least twice, perhaps more. But finally was able to log back into the management interface. I then proceeded to install part 2. After that install finished and the unit rebooted, I was able to log into the management interface without problem. So it looks like firmware 3.5.5 fixes the problem that was in both 1.0.0 and 3.0.0. I should add that before I updated, I had made the current user settings the default, overwriting the factory default settings. That way each time the AP came back up, my devices were able to connect to my network - the AP was functioning fine, all except for the management interface. I was thinking that if I had left the factory default settings in place, the rebooting would be more complicated as the IP would revert to factory (not my local network addressing structure). The only issue was after the part 1 upgrade, only the default password 'admin' would work (with my updated username though). Now that I've gotten the first one up to firmware 3.5.5, I'm going to do the rest, following the above procedure. I'll post again here if I encounter other issues, so if you don't hear from me, the above works!
  2. Ok, I tried the procedure: hold the reset button down for 1 minute, then unplug for 10 seconds. After the AP restarted, I again tried to access the CP, no joy. Same behavior as before, invalid username or password on all combinations except if I use my current username and the 'admin' password I get a white screen. Using device discovery on one of the other APs I can see the malfunctioning AP showing firmware 3.0.0 (the good ones are showing firmware 1.0.0), pls see the attached screenshot. Thanks again for your advice, I'm sorry it didn't work. At this point, I've sent an RMA request to EnGenius (I only purchased these APs 3 weeks ago).
  3. Thanks for the response laireV, I downloaded the firmware from https://www.engeniustech.com/wp_firmware/EAP1300EXT-int- which was linked from the page https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/enturbo-11ac-wave-2-indoor-wireless-ap-w-high-gain-antennas/. I have used different computers (both Mac and PC and iPhone) and different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and they all yield the same behavior, even with a fresh browser install and cleared cache. I will try the reset button procedure you mentioned and post my response asap. Thanks!
  4. I have three EnGenius EAP1300EXT access points. Visiting https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/enturbo-11ac-wave-2-indoor-wireless-ap-w-high-gain-antennas/ showed that new firmware was available, so I upgraded one of my access points to make sure everything works ok before upgrading the other two. It appeared that the upgrade completed ok. Problem is that after the firmware upgrade completed, I can no longer access the CP. I get the login screen, and using my user default name and password shows an invalid username or password. I tried using the factory default, no joy. Even though there's no documentation for this model on the hardware reset button, I tried it several ways, 10 seconds, 30 seconds powered, unpowered, and going from unpowered to powered. No joy there either, only now if I try logging in using my username and the default 'admin' password, I get a white screen. Trying any other combination shows invalid username or password. Wifi Explorer shows the unit is online and connecting to clients normally using the SSID & WPA2 passcode as I set it up before the upgrade. It's only the CP that I can't access, so I can't make any future changes. Looking at that white page Chrome console shows a 404 error, and looking at the page source looks like the standard login screen. Using Device Discovery on the Tools page of another AP on the network sees the AP and it's showing firmware 3.0.0 (the other APs show firmware 1.0.0). So at this point I'm not upgrading my other APs to the newer firmware. My network is operating ok (even the AP with newer firmware) and no users are affected by this issue, only the poor admin (me) who can no longer control or make any changes to the AP. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas or suggestions? I did backup the configuration, but there's no way to restore it without access to the CP, otherwise I'd have tried that. Thanks in advance for any wizardry out there that can help!
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