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  1. It should log 10 entries but it needs to have a caller ID from telephone company.
  2. This answers my question. Thanks earthling.
  3. Do we have a document about the horizontal beamwidth of all Engenius APs? Please share. Thanks
  4. For ENH1750EXT and ENH900EXT, does Mesh network need to have the same wireless channel?
  5. Where do you get the connection status of ENH202 when it's configured as WDS Bridge?
  6. Will the device need to be plugged in to a tftp server for it upload the file?
  7. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware through the CLI?
  8. Is it possible to secure each ports and assign it to a specific mac address?
  9. It would be very convenient if we don't have to set static IP on the PC during initial set-up. There are customer's who's not even familiar with IP address. I guess this is possible. I've seen some 3rd Party AP's that has DHCP feature for initial set-up.
  10. Yes, you can just leave the built-in 5GHz antenna. It will not be affected since it's on a different frequency.
  11. Is hard reset a requirement after every firmware upgrade? Please give me a detailed explanation on this. Thanks,
  12. Have you tried doing a hard reset? Or use a different computer/or a different browser?
  13. Perhaps Engenius should consider having this feature. This will be ideal for our devices. It's good to assign different QoS based on user credentials.
  14. You have to consider the Signal level of those SSID's. You have to choose the channel with the least signal level.
  15. Since Engenius has proven itself in the world of AP's, bridges and switches, when are we going to see an Engenius Small Business Router? EZ master can also be incorporated to this router so that it can act as a server.
  16. Please explain how it works. When, How and Why does it auto search a channel.
  17. Can someone please explain to me how auto channel works. What are the factors that could make the device search for a new channel? Is there a time frame on when it will search for a new channel? or will it only search if the device is powercycled
  18. If you're using an Engenius AP, this document might be helpful. See attached file. EnGenius AP Configuration Best Practices.pdf
  19. I agree. There should be a notification box prompting us to save the changes or a note in the GUI.
  20. This is helpful but too complicated for a regular user.
  21. It all depends on the need of the user...
  22. We urge you Ryan to gather this info and share it with us.
  23. I guess this is a product limitation. Band steering only applies to the first SSID. There should be a Band steering option per pair of 2.4 and 5ghz.
  24. "For band steering to work both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSID profiles have to have the exact same SSID, type of wireless security and passphrase." Why would you have more than 1 SSID if the names are the same?
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