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  1. update- I reset the Fios Gateway to factory default, I reset all 3 AP units to factory default. Set up each AP again with a different SSID. walked around and did some testing (used WiFi analyzer), seemed to take a little bit but the laptop and mobile phone transferred from AP to another. made a few tweaks to power on the AP units and did not have the no internet come up. I set the 2 indoor AP units to the same SSID and still had no issues. I am going to leave the outdoor AP with a different SSID for a while and we will see what happens. (fingers crossed). I told all users to let me know of any instances where they have no internet. I was hoping to find out why I was getting the no internet, This complete reset may be my answer though. Will update in a week if all is stable. If not will update with new information. I do have a question (s)- Is it recommended in general to schedule a reboot once a week on the AP units? Is there a plan for future releases to have auto firmware updates?, or downloads and you can select when they will perform the update? (as in the middle of the night?)
  2. I have used the table to set up the aps' and went back to it when i was having issues to make sure they are set up as per. the https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/232058387 . really annoying to have this issue. I can have full signal on the mobile phone and it works fine then out of no where and with out moving from one spot it will have no internet access but great wifi connectivity. it almost seems like it is something between the AP (s) and the router? if that is possible? If I have something hardwired directly to the router I never have an issue. the AP (s) are all herdwired to the lan ports which should act like any other device sending and receiving information. (is it possible that I have the AP (s) set outside the range of the to The APs' are through .248. could that do something? although I think that is how they are supposed to be.
  3. I have tried to reset the modem (fios Gateway) a few times. I have tried to set DHCP lease time from 24 hours to 4 days. It does not seem to make a difference. I have open from 168.1.5 to 168.1.245 so in total there are about 30 devices that connect wirelessly at any given time so there are plenty of addresses. I tried to give a mobile device a static IP and it was still happening with it. Only fix so far which is temporary is to turn off WIFI on the device and turn it back on. If anyone wants particular screen shots to see what is going on please let me know.
  4. Is it possible that the device is stuck between 2 ap's? where it is trying to hand off but it will not switch?
  5. Yes when I pull up the IP wireless info on the mobile device everything looks good. It will show network speed and connection good. security . IP address for example and router IP it says internet may not be available and shows an ! next to the wifi signal in the notification bar at the top of the device. or on the laptop at the bottom right. . It does seem to happen with all the AP's. When I had just the outdoor AP and the verizon gateway with wifi on / different SSID, I did not have this issue. I have not yet tried to split up the SSID's on the AP's where each would have it's own SSID. I wanted it to be seamless of sorts so set up all with the same SSID for 2.4 and 5g. so there was not 3 different SSID to conecct to.
  6. I have qty.2 eap1750h and qty.1 ens1750 All seam to be working very well and transfer from one AP to another. Most of the devices that are being used are (Samsung mobile S8, S7, Tab A, Dell laptop, Toshiba laptop, Fire TV, Alexa, Qty.2 nest cams Stationary, Ipad mini, iPad, Samsung smart TV) Some of these devices will work fine and then have no internet, when wifi on the device is clicked we will get something like signal good 100mbs. internet may not be available, then if we turn wifi off and back on-on the device it will work how it should for a Unforeseen amount of time and then lose internet again. (the only devices this does not happen to are the 2 nest cams. at-least for the last several days). It is frustrating for everyone whether they are trying to work or just goof around on a device. I am thinking it has something to do with the devices moving from one AP to another and that can be understood for some of it- the TV does not move and the fire TV device does not move so for them to do this to makes it frustrating like I should have went with another setup of sorts. (the indoor AP units are approx. 75 apart in separate basements with the power set at 14 for 2.4 and 21 for 5. the channels are separated by 1 and 11. the outdoor AP is set similar set to channel 6. (I used the best practices suggested by Engenius for setup and all three are Identical except for channels) Our service is FIOS-wifi turned off-IP is set out of range for all 3 example where 245 is the last available on router.
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