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  1. onlyoneme

    EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    I had some discovery issues when multicast 2 unicast conversion was on. Disabling it helped a lot.
  2. onlyoneme

    EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    Do you have multicast to unicast conversion enabled on the ap?
  3. onlyoneme

    Guest network on EWS310AP

    I guess that AP translates such addresses into its IP and allows a communication thru the default gateway only.
  4. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H Mac filter not working

    3.0.0 has been recently removed from most of EU servers, has broken VLANs and cannot be downgraded to 2.0.x.
  5. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I've tried with all available regional versions. The serial number of my AP cannot be validated on EU website, so maybe it's really an US version. The statement is: Your serial is INVALID. We regret to inform that only support shall be provided to serial numbers that can be validated here. If your serial number cannot be validated here we suggest you approach the dealer, you originally purchased the product from. No EnGenius EU support for my device.
  6. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I've tried with different INT, ETSI and FCC firmwares, no success. By the way I think the 3.0 FW is not region restricted. There are 3 versions of 2.0.361 FW for example, with headers FWINFO-EAP1750H-ETSI-v2.0.361-160519 FWINFO-EAP1750H-FCC-v2.0.361-160519 FWINFO-EAP1750H-INT-v2.0.361-160519 In case of 3.0 there is just FWINFO-EAP1750H-ALL-v3.0.0-170727-CAPWAP-c1.8.57 ALL, not ETSI, INT or FCC.
  7. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    As I have faced serious VLAN issues I've decided to downgrade the FW. Unfortunately I'm not able to do that as I'm getting the error Firmware upgrade is failed for unexpected reasons. Please make sure your firmware is valid. All I can do is to reflash the current FW. Is the FW downgrade forbidden?
  8. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    Ok, I will wait for US version to check if it helps. Sorry for disturbance, I did't know it's mainly US related forum. I'm from EU, that's why I've downloaded my FW from EU server, but I couldn't find any community forum there, so I've decided to describe an issue here.
  9. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I do not really know. It was a gift and all I know is that it has been bought on eBay. If EU fw is not a correct one for my device, do you know when it's supposed for US 3.0 fw to be released? The new FW seems to be less problematic than an old one, apart of SNMP issue.
  10. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    It is mentioned in the text block on the left side of sticker that a device complies with FCC rules and standards. Are you talking about that?
  11. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I don't see such thing on the sticker. There are MAC addresses, serial number and HW / SW versions. Do you mean the sticker on the device close to the ethernet / power sockets?
  12. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I don't even know if my device is US version or not. Its SKU is INT. The FW is multinational, just like the previous one - 2.0.361.
  13. onlyoneme

    EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    It became available on European servers: https://www.engeniusnetworks.eu/eap1750h
  14. I've installed a new v3.0.0 firmware. After restoring the default settings and access point reconfiguration I've realized that I can no longer monitor WLAN details via SNMP, for example OID . Is something wrong with the new firmware or maybe the MIB structure has changed?

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