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  1. I have an eap 1200h here, and while it does work out of the box as an access point, for some reason the username/password combination keeps failing, and yes I pressed the reset button for more than 10 seconds numerous times, at one point for up to a minute

    the default username/password combination will not work

    i also used a number of different browsers thinking that bad data was being cached.



    1. Joong-ki


      Have you saved another user name/password as default before?

      If yes, you need to use that one.

  2. Maybe you released the button too soon. It will need to press and hold the reset button over 10 sec for reset to factory default.
  3. Have you tried the captive portal in Hotspot Service from ezMaster?
  4. For roaming consideration, the coverage is crucial; for 5GHz part on 11ac and 11n APs, if you have many APs mixed in the same area, use HT40 to accommodate 11n and 11ac clients and lower possible co-channel interference from adjacent APs in close area.
  5. There's no fixed cap; it will depend on the number of mesh nodes.
  6. Client isolation only takes care of isolation on wireless connection to the same SSID; however, L2 isolation further isolates inter-client access from the wired side on the same LAN in addition to wireless connection.
  7. Before you set the value, is it able to read the value?
  8. If bulk upgrade still has trouble on those 2 specific AP, you can write down IP addresses of those 2 AP and try to remove those 2 AP from managed list. After 2 AP revert back to standalone mode, upgrade the f/w to AP directly and when done, add 2 AP back to managed list.
  9. Instead, if guest client may roam between AP, please enable the user session control and lower the threshold value (depending on how frequent the user may roam). As each AP use separate network for guest access, guest clients will need to login again after they roam to different AP.
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