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    Access Point at Marina

    Do NOT use Coax. Use an outdoor Access point such as the AC1300. If one works then ok if it takes two then you could put one on one roof one on the Othere There is a major drop in sinal in both directions. Run Cat 6E up any poll. Also keep the poll as low as you can but still have line of site if at all possible. I doubt one unit will cover the area very well. I have used directional antennas for installs simalar to this. Put about two on the poll with a 180 or so sweep. You can try just one AP but I think you will have trouble picking up the signal from portable devices. Again no Coax. coax
  2. Hi I have installed And am impressed with the AC1300 and two other models. I installed 18 AC1300 in one Hotel in the LA area. The performance is great. This company Should get an award for a great product. However the Products are so good that it can be hard to contact customer support by phone for a quick question. When on an install waiting a day or so for a reply to an email does not work well. I would like to help with this. I am a good engineer and have been in networking for many years. Designing and installing networks for many companies and Government offices. USA Today, The LA Times, NY Times, The DIA, The CIA etc... It is a long list. However I think Engeniustech could use more help in the USA. The Dealers do not always have the answers. They are good dealers. But I see a need to offer help for customers in a faster manner. Again not that the support is not excellent. Its just a bit overwhelmed with good customers. Does ANYONE know how to get in touch with Engenius?? I tried the phone number on the site in Costa Mesa CA But again so many good customers calling it can take some time to get through. I would like to help and am very Qualified to do so. My Personal email is bobcrosby7777@gmail. My phone is 254-661-7773 Thank you. Jim Davison T

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