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  1. Will it be better if you ask an internet provider about this? I am sure that they will be able to create a great recommendation since you are talking about a wider coverage here. Meanwhile, I have recently bought a wifi dog fence online. It will be installed in my backyard to create a boundary for my pug so that he won't sneak out around the neighborhood anymore. Do you think that this will be a great alternative to the traditional gate?
  2. Will it be at the back of the router itself? It includes the IP Address, Serial #, and the temporary password that you can change if you want.
  3. Thank you Mike, you have a great day! I'll see you around.
  4. jmorgan1993

    New Girl

    Am I on the right thread to do my introduction, well I hope so. Hey guys how are you? I hope everyone is fine, I am Joyce and I am the latest addition to this community. You guys have a good day!
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