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  1. James

    WDS Bridge + WDS AP

    I was using an iPhone to test the both APs. I am thinking the issue was that the iPhone wasn't getting the connection settings correct when moving from AP to AP. I concluded this because I could set up my Laptop to use one AP and my iPhone to use the other, and both worked correctly. Interesting that no one here ever offered any assistance. A good example of what to expect when using EnGenius devices? This experience would support that a customer shouldn't expect any help once purchased.
  2. I have an ENH1750EXT and two ENS620EXT's. I have them setup as: Cisco router connected to Internet and DHCP services, the ENH1750EXT is connected to one of the ports on the Cisco. ENH1750EXT - 2.5G wirless AP 5.0G WDS Bridge to 620EXT #1 and #2 ENS620EXT #1 - 2.5G Wireless AP 5.0G WDS AP mode (WDS link to ENH1750EXT) ENS620EXT #2 - 2.5G Wireless AP - 5.0G WDS AP mode (WDS link to ENH1750EXT) The WDS Link is reported as UP. When I connect to the 1750EXT, I have no problem accessing the internet when I connected to ENS620#1 I get an internet connection with no problem when I connect to ENS620#2 it reports no internet connection. If I reset ENS620#2, then I can then connect to the internet on it with no problem; but now when I go to ENS602#1, I have no internet connection. So it seems that only one of the WDS AP's will properly connect to the 1750 at a time. I am sure there is some basic configuration element I am missing, can anyone point me in the correct direction? thanks.
  3. James

    ENH700EXT Reset & Console

    @steve.lin, thank you!! that was it. I think the ethernet driver chip must not be working, but I was able to connect via the 2.4GHz wifi connection and get to the console, update the firmware, and re-configure the unit. The wired ethernet still isn't working, but I was planning to use it in a WDS-AP mode with the 5GHz as a backhaul. Thank you for the suggestion/help.
  4. James

    ENH700EXT Reset & Console

    Ok, I powered the unit off and waited a min before I powered it back on. Waited for 2 mins. Pressed the Reset on the PoE for 15 seconds. Waited for 2 mins then tried to access again. I got the following results. The PING failed, the IP scanner only detected the PC, and Safari could not connect. The lower left shows my network config. Any other ideas?
  5. James

    ENH700EXT Reset & Console

    I have tried to ping it but don't get any response. I have also run an IP scanner from to and the only active IP it finds is my PC ( I am sure the RJ-45 is connected because I can see the Ethernet port go from "inactive" to "active" when it is turned on.
  6. James

    ENH700EXT Reset & Console

    Thank you for the comment. I did have a static IP of (this what they used in the user guide) and a router IP of (also in the user guide). I had tried and and as the subnet mask. I will try with also. PS. I am doing this on a MAC so a static IP addresss is referred to as a Manual Address in their terminology.
  7. Hi, I am attempting to access the console of an ENH700EXT and I am unable to get it to respond. Can you look over what I have done thus far and offer some suggestions on problems or omissions you see in my activities. The steps I have taken are: 1. I pressed the reset button on the POE adapter to reset the ENH700EXT back to factory mode. 2. I configured the LAN settings as described in the user manual: NOTE: I also tried a subnet mask of 3. I attempted to connect via the browser to as the manual states but it always responds with: 4. I check the WiFi and I see that it is radiating as expected: but it will not respond on the ethernet connection to the PC. I have it configured with the POE Network plug connected directly to the MAC ethernet port. It seems like the unit should be working, but maybe there is a HW issue with the Ethernet drivers (?). Does anyone see anything I am doing incorrectly? Anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this issue of connecting to the console. Thank you for any help/feedback.

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