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  1. Actually the system log for the current EWS Switches has a fixed capacity of 512KB. Once full, the system will start deleting the oldest entries to make room for the newest. If you need a permanent record of all logged activities, we recommend setting up an external syslog server to receive log contents from the EWS Switch.
  2. We have plans for a license-based cloud version of ezMaster. More info will be confirmed and released once internal planning is done.
  3. Although the APs are able to support up to 100 concurrent connections, we recommend the number of not more than 50 clients per AP (2.4GHz + 5GHz = 50 clients) for the best performance.
  4. Sorry, apart from VMWare player and VirtualBox, the only other VM we've done full testing on is VMWare Fusion 8.
  5. In terms of software features, except for the PoE part (PoE settings, PoE scheduling) which is not available, all the other features are the same.
  6. Nope, as of now there's no support for band steering under guest network SSIDs
  7. Joe Liang

    AP Camera

    It's a 2x2 11ac AP with a 2MP dome camera all in one device.
  8. There are always WiFi problems with iOS devices after a new software update. Apart from letting us know, pls also leave Apple a feedback on the issue. http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
  9. The next release is currently scheduled to be released in late July. Stay tuned!
  10. Below are some SFP modules that have been tested either internally or by community members and reported to be working with EnGenius EGS/EWS Switches. Apacopto LM28-A3S-TC-N Apacopto LM28-C3S-TC-N CORETEK CT-1250NSP-SB1L Cisco GLC-SX-MMD D-Link DEM-210 D-Link DEM-211 D-Link DEM-310GT D-Link DEM-311GT EnGenius SFP2185-05 EnGenius SFP2213-10 LevelOne SFP2230 LevelOne SFP2100 LevelOne SFP3841 LevelOne SFP4210 LevelOne SFP4200 PLANET MFB-FX PLANET MGB-LX PLANET MGB-SX Trendnet TEG-MGBSX Pls do share you experiences with SFPs and let us know the results =)
  11. 1 set for 2.4Gz and 1 set for 5GHz
  12. Yes, this issue will be addressed to in the upcoming release.
  13. Depends on your settings. Below are the 3 options you can use to authenticate connected users. Choose "Splash & Go" and connected users won't have to authenticate upon logging on. Choose "ezMaster Authentication" and connected users will be authenticated using ezMaster's internal user database. Choose "RADIUS Server" and connected users will be authenticated using the user defined RADIUS server.
  14. I'm afraid there'll be no captive portal support on standalone mode of EWS APs. We recommend using EWS APs with either ezMaster or EWS Controller Switch if you need to enable captive portal feature.
  15. I think TMac might be referring to IEEE 802.3bt which is still not standardized by IEEE yet. IEEE 802.3bt is said to be able to deliver at least 49W and up to 100W over 4-pair. Rumors is that this standard is set to be finalized in 2017 so we'll wait and see.
  16. For the switches listed above, both 100Mbps & 1000Mbps SFP modules are supported.
  17. Yes, authentication through an external RADIUS server is supported by ezMaster.
  18. VirtualBox is available on OS X: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Or you can use VMWare Fusion 8.
  19. For EWS Switches that were launched before 2014: EWS2910P/EWS5912FP/EWS7928P/EWS7928FP/EWS7952FP First numeric digit is for the form factor of the device 2: Desktop 5: 13" 1U Rackmount 7: 17" 1U Rackmount Second numeric digit is fixed at "9" Third and fouth digit is the total number of primary and secondary ports. P/FP is for total PoE budget P = half PoE, only half the number of primary PoE ports can support 15.4W PoE output simultaneously (although all primary PoE ports are PoE capable) FP = full PoE, all primary PoE ports can support 15.4W PoE output simultaneously For EWS Switches that were launched after 2016: EWS1200D-10T, EWS1200-28T, EWS1200-52T
  20. Both URLs link to the same demo site. And both demo/demo & admin/password can be used to log into the demo site.
  21. Devices in the "Pending Approval" list are the ones that has been claimed into the "Device Inventory" or has been locally discovered by ezMaster. In other words, these devices are ready to be managed by your ezMaster. Under the "Pending Approval" tab, simple select the device(s) you wish to manage by checking the checkbox and click on the "Add" button on the upper left. Once done, Pending Approval devices will be shifted to the "Access Point" or "Switch" tab where you can start to configure your device(s).
  22. We have a demo site you can check out: http://ezmdemo.engeniusnetworks.com/login.html userid: demo password: demo
  23. Pls also take note that band steering only defines the action when a wireless client first associates with the AP, and the wireless client must be in both 2.4G & 5G coverage zone when authenticating with the AP for the band steering algorithm to take effect.
  24. You could try to lower the transmit power of the 2.4G radio.
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