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  1. Hi cFortC, may I know which sku firmware version that you used? FCC, ETSI or INT?
  2. Hi Tony, http://www.engeniusnetworks.com/support/download.php The latest firmware is v1.4.4 for your HW version, you can download it from above link.
  3. Dear Tony, OK .. got it. I found another way .. May you provide the firmware version that AP used currently?
  4. Dear Tony, As I remember, there are 2 hardware version of EAP300 .. 1st version was phased out already. May you help to take a picture for the label pasted on the bottom cover of unit ? That will help to confirm hardware version.
  5. TMac

    Facebook Login

    NO, it seems no one supports this feature yet.
  6. TMac

    High Gain Antenna

    As my experience, the size of panel antenna with over 25dBi antenna gain is big ... it is not suitable for installation in outdoor environment with strong wind ...
  7. If the problem is "2.4G with VLAN tag can not pass through 5G WDS", a feature " VLAN passthrough cross band" should be supported to resolve. So far ENH1750EXT doesn't support it.
  8. EnGenius EAP series should support software WPS.
  9. TMac

    4*4 Antenna

    I believe EnGenius 4x4 outdoor AP implements N-type female connectors, so you have to use N-type-male to N-type-male for connecting 4x4 outdoor AP to 4x4 sector antenna for sure.
  10. TMac

    4*4 Antenna

    NO, I have no idea for the MSRP of 4x4 antenna.
  11. It should be OK, but just remember that ENS1750 secondary port only provides data traffic without power supply.
  12. I suggest you could check the channel utilization in your network environment firstly, then choose a clear channel for usage. May I know the distance between you client and ENH1750EXT? Normally there will be possible lots interference influenced in long range connectivity.
  13. It's difficult to get "maximum" distance for a wireless AP. You could set Tx power to maximum, but should set suitable number on distance setting to meet real installed environment.
  14. YES, it should be workable! You could try set 5Ghz radio of both ECB1750 and ENS1750 to WDS AP for WDS connectivity.
  15. Maybe you can consider to put Netgear range extender in guesthouse, since the Tx power of Netgear range extender should be larger than NB/mobile device.
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