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  1. Cacey

    Port VLAN

    It should. It just have to be tagged properly.
  2. It will be helpful if there's a Warning in the GUI informing us that settings won't be applied unless we click on the "Changes" button on the upper right and click Apply.
  3. Is it possible to indicate the hardware version on the GUI? In this way we will be sure of the firmware to use when there's a need for firmware update.
  4. I encountered the same issue. Only Apple devices are having trouble connecting after the firmware upgrade (to v.361). Looks like the new firmware is the cause of this issue. I haven't rolled it back to firmware .194 . Any feedback from Engineers will be appreciated.
  5. It will be helpful if there will be a prompt if ever a user is trying to load a firmware designed for hardware version 1 to a hardware version 2.
  6. So there's no need to disable PoE feature on actual GUI of the switch , right?
  7. Cacey

    4*4 Antenna

    EnGenius don't have 4x4 sector antenna yet.
  8. Q: How to "unkick" a wireless client? A. If you have to "kick" a certain device from wireless client list , it will automatically put it on MAC address filter (as a blocked device). You have to delete if from there , otherwise it won't be able to reconnect to the network.
  9. Cool. A Durafon-base design handset and a Freestyl-design base station. Is DuraWalkie going to work with this one?
  10. I don't think so. I think this is normally experienced on AP + CB setup.
  11. This documentation might help. Layer 2.5 Bridging Explained.pdf
  12. Cacey

    Guest Network

    For one, devices connected to the guest network won't be able to do file/printer sharing with those devices that are connected to main network. It's like they guest network is a totally different connection .
  13. What is the distance found under Wireless Advance Settings is for? When do we change it's value?
  14. What shall we do then if both units are already set as WDS AP , Link status is UP , Very good Signal level (-48 dbm) and yet the devices are unable to ping each other and unable to pass on DHCP? Main AP is definitely working because another device set as WDS STATION is able to go online using it. Only when it's on WDS AP + WDS AP that it's not working.
  15. You will have to lower down the transmit power since the device is designed for longer range.
  16. What do we do then if this is the case? How can we make the Zone Controller see the APs?
  17. Will the EnGenius Locator work with MAC OS ?
  18. I agree, website shows 50 mac addresses that's why i thought it's a glitch or something. But it seems that it's how the device is designed so Thank You for the feedback.
  19. So, it's normal that it only supports 32 MAC addresses? Is there any firmware that will make it support 50 mac addresses or is this how the ENH220EXT is designed?
  20. ENH220EXT only allows the user to enter 32 MAC addresses. Device's firmware is 2.0.216. Is it correct or is it a glitch?
  21. 50 wireless clients per radio.
  22. Hi Shalobelle, I have a document here on how to reset other EOC outdoor APs. If, 57600 won't work , maybe we can use 38400 as baud rate. EOC3220 Reset.pdf
  23. Is it possible to export the logs from EZController , if so, how?
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