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  1. I have a restaurant and I have clients connecting to my EAP1200H's guest network. I do not have any VLAN in my network so I am wondering if there is a way to throttle the guest SSID.
  2. I am replacing a defective EWS5912FP switch and would like to know if - a. I can load the backup config file of the switch into the new one even if they have different firmware versions (the switch I am replacing just stopped powering on, hence I was unable to save the recent config file and would be using the config file I saved prior to the FW update) b. If the EWS360APs that were programmed as a cluster on the original switch can be managed by the replacement switch without me having to reset everything and reconfigure. Please advise.
  3. We have installed 9 EWS360AP with firmware We have a problem connecting to the 2.4Ghz. The 5ghz SSID works fine. We can connect for a few minutes and it works fine then we lose the connection to the 2.4ghz SSID. When this happens, and we can see the SSID but not be able to reconnect again. Please advise.
  4. I have an 1 EWS7928P and 8 EWS360P directly connected to a 3rd party switch with another 6 EWS360AP on the same network. The main issue is that on the controller side they will appear offline. Once I reboot the AP's, they will go online again, even though they are offline on the controller side, customers can still connect to the internet. Firmware is updated on the switch and AP. What can be causing this issue? Please advise.
  5. I have a total of 30 EWS360AP and 4 EWS7928P. After 2 to 3 days of operating, the device stops working and we have to reboot everything. After rebooting it will work for another 2 to 3 days and then same issue occurs. We have updated the firmware and checked the settings and everything seems to be in order. Any advice?
  6. Our company has 11 ENS1200 in different locations. Each ENS1200 is connected to a Comcast business class modem. I want to be able to access the APs remotely. How can I do that? Is there a setting on the AP that I need to enable?
  7. I have 1 ENH1750EXT and 12 ENS500EXTs. The ENH1750EXT is set up as an AP and the ENS500EXTs as CBs. Each CB has a camera behind it set to the lowest setting. They can connect but are randomly dropping the wireless connection. How do I check if I am overloading the connection or if the problem is with the signal? RSSI on the CB is on the -60s to -80s range.
  8. My ENH1750EXT is no longer powering on, I tested the power outlet and replaced the ethernet cable but the power LED on the PoE injector does not light up. I'm using the same injector that came with the AP. I do not have another injector or AP so I cannot isolate it the issue. Is there a way to test if the Injector is defective or if it's the AP itself?
  9. I have 6 EWS660AP and would like to use the EZ Master to manage them. I went to https://engeniustech.com/ezmaster so I can download the EZ Master but after I signed up, I did not get a link or email where to download the EZ Master software. Where can I download the software?
  10. Is there any Neutron AP that has MESH operation mode?
  11. Is there any EnGenius access point that has content filtering feature?
  12. Cacey

    Call Logs

    Is the call logs supposed to show the phone numbers of received or missed calls?
  13. What will happen if the device is not grounded properly?
  14. Is there a special intsruction/procedure in grounding the outdoor bridges?
  15. What's the difference between these two?
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