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  1. Have external omni antenna that I want to hook up to ENS202EXT to help receive public wifi signal. Transmitting from the unit is not an issue. There are two antenna jacks on the unit, is one for RX and one for TX? If so which is which? And with the remaining jack, do I just leave the factory omnidirectional in place? Is some kind of antenna with two RP-SMA outputs supposed to be used here?
  2. Hi, marina wifi signal is fairly strong and fast right outside my boat but the moment I enter the boat it's very weak and unreliable. My only goal is to receive the signal outside and bring it inside the boat without losing much of it. The wifi signal appears very finicky to connect to with typical range extenders. They can never connect an report that they could not be assigned an IP address. However all devices connect to the signal just fine when outside the boat. Trying to use the ENS202EXt to receive the signal outside, then connect the CAT5 output to a regular router which will let devices connect wireless inside the boat. Would be very helpful if you could help with some questions I'm not seeing anywhere else. Connection Mode: Client Bridge, correct, if being connected to a typical house router inside the boat which will be the access point for users in the boat. IP Settings: What are the recommended WAN/LAN IP settings in this scenario, dhcp or static? The marina wifi has IP of Is this my default gateway IP? As I mentioned earlier it seems that getting an IP address/DHCP is what keeps causing my failure to connect with the marina wifi. With DHCP enabled I could connect when in Client Router mode, however the connection kept dropping. Right now everything seems to be working well in the connection status section, but I have no internet access when connected wirelessly to the engenius directly. Operation Mode: Client Router (plan to change to client bridge when I connect ens202ext to router later?) LAN: IP address, DHCP Server Enabled WAN: Connection type Static, IP Address, Default Gateway (this is marina AP IP address) Connection Status-Wireless Associated, 78 MBps Connection Status-WAN Static IP, Status=UP, IP address So everything above seems like it's humming along great but I'm getting no internet. Thanks for your reply if you can see a conflict in the above settings or have any other suggestions.
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