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  1. I did not do a good job of explaining my needs. I would have an ENS500 AP and ENS500 client bridge. I have the 202 on a pole and did not want to run an extra ethernet cable to it. I would mount the client bridge on the same pole and wanted to know if the 202 could be connected to the LAN port of the client bridge to get both its power and to re-transmit the client bridge signal. I currently have three other ENS500 client bridges, with different manufacturer's AP's. But I have to run a separate ethernet cable to them because of the different PoE injector.
  2. I am currently using an ENS202EXT as a wireless repeater from my wifi router. I would like to increase the 202 speed by installing an ENS500 client bridge to feed the 202 as an access point. Can the 202 get both the power and signal from the LAN port on the ENS500?
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