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  1. Via a forum on the internet I found the solution. The EPG5000 router ran on subnet My current router runs on subnet You will need to use your internal network card of your laptop or PC to configure the ECB 300. So just plug a cable between your laptop / PC and the ECB 300. Then configure your network card with IP with subnet Take care to turn off your WiFi, and then you can access the web site of the ECB 300 via the browser Configure that device, reset your network card's network settings to DHCP (or other configuration), turn on your WiFi again and then connect. Subnet Settings Customized to
  2. Hi, after firmware upgrade of my EPG5000 Firmware version 1.03.14, the IP camera EDS1130 configuration can't be accessed anymore. not wired connected to my laptop nor by default IP adress Hard resets executed but didn't solve the issue. Any suggestion how I can access the IP Camera configuration again?
  3. I've got also problems not able to access the router configuration anymore after de upgrade to EPG5000 Firmware version 1.03.14. Defautl IP access doesn't give access to logon anymore, also not wired to an laptop. Any suggestion how to get access to the router configuration again?
  4. Hi, I purchased the new EPG5000 router 4 weeks ago and did work fine out of the box. I did a firmware upgrade date 21/06/2017 on my EPG5000 router, unfortunately now logon to the router configuration via the default IP adress doesn't work anymore. I did a hard reset of the router in the 2 different ways (Reset-button on router and 30/30/30 method) All didn't result to get access to the router configuration. Connected the router direct to a laptop via a network cable to WAN port and LAN1 port, does also not enable access to the routerconfiguration. Running de "cmd ipconfig /all" command, give only the IP adress of the internet access via the modem. Can anyboddy help to find a way to access the router configuration again?
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