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  1. I have two EAP600 on different ceilings of a house. Both are directly wired to a Netgear GS752TP switch with 48 port PoE. The switch in turn is connected to a cable modem + router from the local cable company Spectrum (formerly Oceanic Cable) with its wireless disabled. Internet is intermittently sluggish. I want both EAP600 setup so they receive Internet via the switch and someone can go between access points without disconnecting from one to connect to the other and without a reduction in signal due to being connected together. I've attached screenshots and a diagram of the configuration. Can someone tell me if I have configure it correctly? Also does the two EAP600 being different H/W and S/W version make any difference? Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. EAP600.pdf
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