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  1. Wanchaisiri

    Mounting location of AP and camera

    Yes, probably fisheye camera with AP is suitable for this case, due to the install location is similar to AP at the central.
  2. Wanchaisiri

    Compatible list of NVR

    I have test QNAP VS-210 pro+, and it works, so I think all the series of QNAP is no problem due to they uses same codebase...
  3. Wanchaisiri

    Mesh Camera

    No matter with mesh architecture, I think the normal wireless camera uses 1x1 wifi module, but this mesh camera built-in a 2x2 high end solution as AP level….., the wireless connection for camera will be better.
  4. Wanchaisiri

    Video quality enhancement

    Camera's position and direction have great influences on how the light affects the scene. Here I suggest you some basic tips that you should put in mind when installing your camera and lights. Tip 1, don't point the camera directly to a light source, coz it may cause glares that would totally spoil great portion of the image. When using external light sources light street lamps or floodlights, your camera may point right toward the light beams, which may cause light pollution in your image. When watching the traffic, car headlights wouldn’t be your main light source, however, the glares may cover the car plate. A good security light can be placed behind or beside the camera to illuminate the objects. Tip 2, avoid pointing the camera at a glass window, it may cause reflections of IR glares. If it's inevitable, try leaving as minimum space as possible between the lens and the glass surface. Tip 3, don't place the camera in a shaded place looking into a well-lit area, or you'll get overexposed backlight. If it's inevitable, use a camera with BLC or WDR feature, or try shooing from the side.
  5. Wanchaisiri

    Mounting location of AP and camera

    How to resolve the problem that the different mounting site between AP and camera? most of cameras mounting at the corner of ceiling, but the APs depends on the wifi signal, so any idea on this ?
  6. Wanchaisiri

    Storage size calculation

    The answer is 324G byte Time (sec) = 5(day)x24(hour/day)x60(min/hour)x60(sec/min) = 2,592,000 (sec) Storage size = 1Mbps x 2,592,000 (sec) / 8 = 2,592,000M (bit) / 8 = 324,000M (byte) = 324G (byte)

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