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  1. That did not solve the problem. The router still DNS issues and remains connected to the Verizon network yet cannot connect. Any other ideas? Do I have to give out an IP address from the verizon router side to the Engenius ENH500? The ENH500 never shows up as a connected device on the verizon router admin page.
  2. I think the issue is IP address-related because it seems to work fine when it works (i.e. I can stream video and music online etc.), but then will suddenly lose the connection at points and get a DNS error.
  3. Hello, I have a single ENH500 mounted outside of my shop, and receiving a signal coming from a wireless network in my house about 250 feet away. My ENH500 is set to the IP address, to avoid conflicting with the standard Verizon router IP address ( I have attached images of the ENH500 settings screen, and the Verizon Router setup screen and how it shows the shop ENH500. The issue I have, is that while on my ENH500 signal, the internet regularly drops or gives my DNS errors. I should note, the IP address of my ENH500 does not appear in the list of connected devices on the Verizon Router page under the IP address Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this issue? Thanks!
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