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  1. Futher, when I connected to the receiver yesterday wirelessly on my phone, it told me it didn't have internet. Today after fixing up my signal issue, my phone isn't saying it doesn't have internet, but it's not loading any web pages.
  2. So, to start off, I am a complete and utter novice at all things tech and technical. I've never even setup a router (I was hoping to shortly here, but these enstationac's aren't working). I have it hooked up, and I have a strong signal. The LAN is lit up on my transmitter, and the receiver has a the signal at the third bar, so I feel like I'm doing ok. I double checked the ethernet cables, and I don't see any breaks, and I double-checked the jacks and, they are all wired the same. For ever reason, when I plug either a computer or router to the LAN port on the power adapter black box thingy, and nothing is recognizing that there is even an ethernet plugged in. I switched the black box thingies between the transmitter and receiver and the signal reestablished itself. I had tech support help me program them about a month ago, and when we tested it at the end of the call, everything was working. Not really sure how to fix this, and considering I'm a n00b, I was hoping to get some extra help.
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