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    Switch Configuration

    Good Morning, I have installed and configured a remote Ezmaster on our Data Center. From this site I am able to manage different customer and different Progect. There is some issue 1 ) I can not migrate from local configuration to Ezmaster, I receive always error about migration closed 2 ) I add manually Switch and APs to Ezmaster, everything is ok, but Is not possible to manage the switch ( Vlan, qos etc etc ) the only configuration I can do is port speed, is correct or there is something wrong on my configuration ? Thanks Giuseppe
  2. Good Morning, we are going to configure a new remote site with an EWS Switch and six AP EWS360. I have connected the APs to the switch and configured SSID and all parameters. If I try to migrate from ewsSwitch to EZMaster ( for security reason the http port and https ports are changed and the EZMASTER is behind a firewall ) I receive " EZMASTER MIGRATION IS CLOSED " message. The out and in ports of network site and ezmaster site are correctly open. Anyone know how to solve the issue Thanks in advance Giuseppe Montanarella
  3. Good Afternoon, is possible to make a trace with wireshark directly from Access point. ( wireshark and remote port ) Thanks in advance Giuseppe
  4. giuseppe

    Enable VLAN ID

    Thank you for your reply
  5. giuseppe

    Enable VLAN ID

    Good Morning, this is my first installation. I create 2 SSID one SSID is configured on default vlan, other SSID is configured as tagged VLAN ID but I am not able to configure the VLAN ID, the window is grey. I did upgrade al last version today

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