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  1. Hello, the ENH202 has the latest version of firmware. Could the problem be a setting in my computer?
  2. I have a ENH202 set up as a client bridge. The original set up was through a PC laptop and the laptop showed it as Network 9. The bridge is accessing a public wifi from a library. I unplugged the bridge from the computer and plugged it into a wireless router. This works well and provides wifi for all devices connected to the wireless router. Here is the problem: I have a second ENH202 that I'm trying to configure for use in another location and connected to the same public wifi. When the ENH202 bridge is connected to the laptop (same laptop) and a site survey is done it recognizes the same public wifi. After saving the information and resetting the Internet protocol V4 on the laptop back to "Obtain an IP address automatically" then restart the computer the computer will only recognize the connection as a Unknown network and will not assign a network number. No internet access but the device showes it is connected to the public wifi but not tx or rx. Both ENH202 devices are set up identically. Any suggestions? Please help.
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