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  1. The Latest firmware version for ENS Series version (1.5.67) added Virtual AP feature when the device is setup on Client Router Mode. Before, you can only connect a wired device to the unit when on Client Router mode because the wireless side is for the WAN Connection. This time, you can enable Virtual AP and it would enable you to connect 1 wired device and wireless clients. You can enable wireless security as well. Please see attached image.
  2. Settings for serial connection software (e.g PUTTY/Hyper Terminal) for Switches 115200 baud No parity 8 data bits 1 stop bit Flow control: none To Connect a computer to the the serial port of the switch we need to use a DB9 connector. Each EWS and EGS switch ships with a console cable that has an RJ-45 connector at one end and a DB9 connector at the other. We should use serial cable (or USB to serial adapter).
  3. earthmyrll

    EnGenius AP CLI Manual

    Hi, Everyone, You can download the AP CLI Manual from the link below: AP CLI Manual.pdf
  4. EPE1212 Supported Models: EOC2610, EOC5610, EOC5611P, EOC2611P, EOC1650, ENS200, ENS202, ENS500, ENS200EXT, ENS202EXT, ENS500EXT. EPE24R Supported Models: ENH200, ENH200EXT, ENH202, ENH500 EPE48GR Supported Models: ENH210, ENH210EXT, ENH700EXT NPE4818 Supported Models: EOA7535, EOR7550, EOA7530, EOA7630. Other Models not mentioned can be powered by any Standard 802.3af/at POE injectors or switches.
  5. Saving and applying settings is a 3-step procedure: 1. Click on ACCEPT after making the settings changes. 2. Click on the SAVE/RELOAD option under STATUS which will take you to a list of the settings changes. 3. Click on the Save and Apply button to finally save the settings. Supported Models: ECB600, ECB350, EAP600, EAP350, EAP300, Enstation5, Enstation2, ENH500, ENH202, ENH710EXT, ENS500EXT, ENS500, ENS202, ENS202EXT
  6. Please click on the following EnGenius Help Center link to know more: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002721828-Subnet-Mask-and-CIDR-How-many-valid-hosts-can-be-used-on-a-specific-subnet-Classless-Addressing-
  7. earthmyrll

    IPv4 Reserved Addresses

    Please go to the following EnGenius Help Center link to know more: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002723208-IPv4-Standard-Reserved-Addresses
  8. earthmyrll

    Why Subnetting is Important

    Please go to this link to know more about the importance of subnetting: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002660747-Why-Subnetting-is-Important
  9. A client connects to an access point. Your laptop is a client. A bridge is something that connects two “wired” networks together. A client bridge therefore is a radio that wirelessly bridges two networks. The Ethernet port of the unit in CB mode provides the wired connection to the remote location. This Ethernet port can directly connect to a single PC, a hub, a switch, or another router.
  10. Please go to this link: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/234659907
  11. earthmyrll

    My Base Station is losing settings!

  12. earthmyrll

    How to add camera to the VMS Software?

  13. This might be helpful: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/234574448-How-to-Change-EnShare-Port-EnGenius-Service-Port-
  14. earthmyrll

    Unable to access User Interface

    This link from Help Center might be helpful: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/234471868-Unable-to-access-User-Interface
  15. Yes. Please see this link from the Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/234701727-Can-I-change-the-router-login-username-to-something-other-than-admin-
  16. Please see this link article from the Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/234471948-Why-can-t-my-IPhone-4s-connect-to-5-GHz-
  17. I found this link from the EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/231383408-How-to-Register-a-Durafon-Pro-Handset-to-a-Durafon-Pro-Base-Station
  18. earthmyrll

    Service Ports for EDS1130

    I found this article from Help Center. Please check the link: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235459908
  19. earthmyrll

    ONVIF support

    This link might be helpful: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235521507
  20. earthmyrll

    Ports Needed for eZMaster to Work

  21. Thefollowing outbound ports must be opened in the firewall at the site where the EZ Master server is located in order for EZMaster to register with the ezReg server: TCP 80: HTTP Port,ezReg Communication UDP 53: DNS Port,ezReg Communication The following inbound ports MUST be opened in the firewall at the site where EZ Master server is located in order for the remote access points to communicatewith the EZ Master server: UDP 1234: Customer port, CAPWAP port TCP 80 (default):HTTP Port, Captive Portal, this can be defined by user The following outbound ports MUST be opened in the firewall at the remote site where AP/Switch is deployed in order to communicate with EZ Master UDP 1234 TCP 80 UDP 53 TCP 80 (default):HTTP Port, Captive Portal, this can be defined by user
  22. earthmyrll

    How do I Login to My EnGenius Router

    This link from EnGenius Help Center might be helpful: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235460088
  23. First time users trying to setup their Engenius router will be automatically redirected to the Engenius Setup Wizard when they open a browser and attempt to go online. Otherwise, in your web browser type in the following URL: or
  24. I found something on the Help Center. This link might be helpful: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235460088
  25. The Rogue AP Detection feature of the Neutron Controller requires Background Scanning found under Wireless Services to be enabled (checkbox should be checked).

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