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  1. Well, went to the site to perform the upgrade only the find the recommended codes were magically available through the One-Click Update. I attempted to perform the update using the one-click method but it did not work so I used the manual upload method which was fine. What's odd now is post upgrade of both the switch and the AP's upgrades are still showing as available via One Click. also, 2 weeks since I opened a support ticket and no one has responded to my initial support request.
  2. Thanks for the reply mike, is the latest code you mentioned stable? How long has it been released?
  3. Going to try the community since support@engeniustech.com seems to be slow. When I first set the ews7928fp I was able to get updates from the engenius server. More than 6 months have passed and I see some firmware on the website for the switch and the 22 EWS310 AP that I have. When I click on "one-click update" I get the following message, Unable to check update from server, please check your network settings. The switch has a IP, Mask, Gateway and DNS. I can see NTP requests going out. I can run a ping and trace to google but I do not see any request going out to any servers for updates on the firewall. Yes, the any to any rule allows the traffic outbound as it did on day one. EWS310AP 3.0.24 + 1.8.8 Switch version:v1.05.42-c1.8.14 Controller version:1.8.14

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