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  1. Why is it that you can access the AP's setup page (using its local IP address) using a computer behind a 3rd party router (on a different subnet) if the AP is configured as Client Router, but not as Client Bridge? main wireless network ))))) ((((( Client Router-----(internet port) 3rd party router-----desktop VS main wireless network ))))) ((((( Client Bridge-----(internet port) 3rd party router-----desktop
  2. shalobelle

    PVID and WDS Bridge

    Will port-based VLANs pass through the WDS bridge, then to the remote AP? Do we need 2 managed switches just to allow VLANs to pass? Or is 1 managed switch enough? sample setup: main network-----managed switch-----main bridge ))))) ((((( remote bridge-----managed switch-----AP OR main network-----managed switch-----main bridge ))))) ((((( remote bridge-----AP
  3. Are link led lights supposed to lit if the EnGenius APs are configured using WDS Bridge mode?
  4. Will Captive Portal work on multiple EWS APs connected to the same network? Or only to 1 AP?
  5. shalobelle

    Stackable Switches

    Can we stack EnGenius managed switches? If yes, do they have to be of the same model/family or different models for them to work?
  6. shalobelle

    Durafon Ringing Sound

    How do you make the Durafon's transfer call ringing sound different from the fresh/incoming call ringing sound?
  7. shalobelle

    5GHz Wireless Channels

    I apologize I forgot to mention that it's the US channel utilization that I was actually referring to. And I was also referring to the non-DFS channels.
  8. shalobelle

    WDS Bridge Security

    How secure is the WDS Bridge configuration? I understand that by selecting the WDS Bridge mode, the AP will no longer broadcast a wireless signal. But is it safe to say that since it is no longer transmitting a signal, it's already safe from possible WiFi hackers? If so, what's the purpose of having the Security field/option under WDS Link Settings page?
  9. shalobelle

    5GHz Wireless Channels

    Which 5GHz wireless channel is best for indoor APs and for outdoor APs? I read from a reliable source that Channels 36-48 are for indoor use while Channels 149-161 are for outdoor use. Is this true? Or can we just use any 5GHz non-DFS wireless channels?
  10. shalobelle

    Concurrent Users

    Okay but when you say platform, are you referring to chipset? If yes then we really could not tell just by looking at the product data sheet alone, right? So will it be safe to say, moving forward, that for dual-band indoor and outdoor APs, running on wireless N and the latest wireless AC technology, user support is up to 50? Not 50 users per radio but 50 per device for best performance? And is there an FAQ page where I can refer it to?
  11. shalobelle

    Durafon Pro: Different Ring Tones

    I know someone who used to have a specific ring tone for her Durafon PRO handset's incoming/fresh calls, and another ring tone for transferred calls. She said when she got a new handset, everything changed. She can no longer distinguish which one is the fresh call or transferred call. Does it have something to do with software or firmware?
  12. shalobelle

    Caller ID

    If it's a Durafon PRO system, already has caller ID service working and is behind a pbx system, then all you need to do is turn ON Line Detect. MENU, 1 (System), 3 (Line Detect), 1 (ON) By the way, Caller ID will not work if there is a group assigned to a Line.
  13. shalobelle

    Concurrent Users

    Thank you TMac. But I am still confused because the EnGenius wireless indoor AP comparison chart states that for dual-band APs, specifically ECB and EAP, support up to 50 users on each radio. What about outdoor APs, is it the same?
  14. shalobelle

    Layer 2.5 bridging

    Thank you Cacey. So the only fix is WDS Bridge or WDS AP/WDS Station, right? But what if the AP is a non-EnGenius device? How will it be addressed without upsetting the customer? For example, the scenario is at the marina and the customer with an EnGenius wireless outdoor AP would like to connect to the marina hotspot while at the dock.
  15. shalobelle

    Layer 2.5 bridging

    Can somebody explain what the layer 2.5 bridging is all about? Why can't devices wired to an EnGenius AP, which is configured as client bridge, get a dynamic IP address from the main network?

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