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  1. Mike, Thanks you for your response. Many of the marinas do have a splash screen to log in with a password. And, it seems to work with them. Note that the model number that I listed is ECOC2611P which differs slightly from the EOC2611P you referred to. I see that the EOC2611P is 2.4 gig only. I now believe that my device is a EOC2611P, and the cell phones are connecting via 5 gig, and the site's 2.4 gig channel is over capacity. This device connects on some occasions at this most troublesome marina. As I recall the troublesome site used WPA2 and the mixed 2.4 and 5 gig setting. Can anyone recommend a model number for an EnGenius unit that does both 2.4 and 5 gig? Also, is it possible to use a single antenna for both frequencies? My current configuration has a remotely located antenna above the boat.
  2. I am using a five year old ECOC2611P (FCC) LFP, S/N 122365251, firmware version 1.3.1, on my boat to connect to various marina wifi systems. Recently I am having difficulty connecting at some marinas using the EnGenius device where both IOS and Android cell phones auto connect easily. Most marina systems connect easily. I believe that my device is operating in DHCP Router, Client Mode. My questions are: Is there an EnGenius device that will auto connect like the cell phones? Is the problem outdated firmware, i.e. version 1.3.1? If so, how to I obtain an updated file? It seems that the tricky part of is getting the security settings appropriately configured. Most marinas use WPA2, WPA2-PSK, or NONE. I have tried various combinations of AES, TKIP, and other options that appear in the set up screens to no avail at one location in particular. The other oddity is that sometimes I do get connected at this on problematic location and the cell phones always connect there. Thanks in advance for for your solutions.
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