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  1. I was told that c1.9 is supposed to come out by the end of this year.
  2. I ended up doing that very thing. I download a copy of Oracle VM at https://www.virtualbox.org . Download 5.1. In ezmaster, I did a back up of the config. I uninstalled VM Player 12 Installed the newer Oracle Virtual Box. Note: You don't have to use the IP of your current machine's nic. You can use the next available address such as your pc/server ip address +one. Such as, PC is and VM can be an arbitrary Just be sure to reserve that IP address also in your dhcp server. I did the re-registering and then loaded up the back-up config. All seems well.
  3. After the install of EZmaster on a Windows 10 Pro machine, Oracle VM Virtual Box does not load. From the instructions, doing a fresh install negates the need for using VMWare Player which has its issues, "non-commercial", additional purchase for license, etc. Although, VMWare Player works. I rather use the Oracle VM Virtual Box. What could be the fix for Virtual Box? Thank You.
  4. Answer: The fan(s) in the EWS5912FP are loud for a small office.
  5. I couldn't find anything on the db levels of the fans. If it has fans, would it be loud in a small office?
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