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  1. Network has an EWS7928P and four EWS310APs. They are already working with other wireless clients except for a DVR. The AP that the DVR attempts to connect to goes offline and he has to power cycle it. Switch and AP firmware are upgraded to the latest versions.
  2. Two EnStationACs not powering on using the PoE injectors that came with them. Power LED on the PoE injector lights up. They will only power on when using a 5 inch long ethernet cable. Does not power on using a 60 foot long cable. Cable was already tested. Is it safe to say that the PoE injectors are defective?
  3. Can we use special characters for the log in password?
  4. This may help when explaining why wireless N devices are not getting the full wireless N speed. http://www.speedguide.net/faq/what-is-the-actual-real-life-speed-of-wireless-374
  5. I'm not exactly sure but I think those are concrete floors. Usually I recommend using an antenna splitter and high gain antennas for better coverage in a multi storey building.
  6. We can just check for the current firmware version that the AP is on, but the website needs to show all the firmware versions and for which hardware version for each particular AP.
  7. A cool idea but should be disabled by default or has the option to be disabled. There might be users who do not want to use it or might question its security.
  8. Can we have a TFTP file that we can use to load the firmware without accessing the setup page? This would really help fix access points that we can still ping but not longer access the UI.
  9. Any viable applications for an ENS202 as a repeater?
  10. Ryan

    Caller ID

    Verify if caller ID works when external/high gain antenna is removed and rubber/stock antenna used. If caller ID works, the external antenna should be grounded by its own separate ground in order to avoid the building ground interference. If Caller ID does not work after replacing the external antenna with the rubber antenna verify Caller ID service from phone company to operational.
  11. Is that for both or just the guest network?
  12. Are there any plans on increasing the number of entries? I've had some callers asking why there are only 50 and if there is any update to increase the number of entries.
  13. Can you really drop the DuraFon-UHF from a height of 5 feet? It seems to be made of hard plastic but not like the Pros or 1Xs that are rubberized.
  14. Why does the ENS202 have a repeater mode? Any viable applications using a repeater with a directional antenna?
  15. Are there any pros and cons? How big of a difference does it make?
  16. Where can we find the list of power adapter specifications for EnGenius access points?
  17. Do we have a list or page that we can refer to when checking for all of our devices' antenna connectors? Connector type on the antenna and on the device itself.
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