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  1. I have two APs setup in the building and I noticed that if there are thirty or forty clients connected to each AP they start disconnecting some clients. How many devices can the APs support? I left the client limit at default - should I make changes on the client limit settings?
  2. I'm installing for the first time an EWS5912FP switch that I had in storage for a while. My problem is that my computer cannot detect the switch even when it is powered on. I checked the port lights and everything is lit. I already replaced the cables. I reset the switch but no go. I noticed that the power light is flashing. Should I start looking for the receipt and hope it's still in warranty?
  3. We have several EAP1750H Acces Points and they have been working fine until I enabled the Band Steering. I experienced random disconnection from my devices with this feature enabled. This was supposed to allow my 5 Ghz devices to connect to the 5 Ghz band and leave the 2.4 Ghz clear from my older devices. How can I make this feature work for my network?
  4. What does the ENS1200 button on the AP do? Is it better to disable it or to leave it enabled? Will it have any effect on my device's ability to connect to the AP's signal?
  5. I have several EWS310AP connected to the EWS5912FP switch and I want to do a One-Click Update for the Access Points but it failed when I tried to do it. I have not made any changes on the switch yet aside from changing its IP address. I tried to enter the DNS Address from the ISP on the IP Settings of switch but it did not make any difference. Is there a way to get around this? I do not want to have to manually upgrade each AP.
  6. I have an EAP1750H that I recently installed. I already have a wireless router in the far right side of the house. My router and my AP have the same wireless settings but every time I move within range of my access point I have to enter the password again. I should not have to do this. Is there anything on the settings that I have to adjust?
  7. I have installed (2) EWS360AP and (1) EWS5212FP. One of the EWS360AP is in a guest house 300 feet away from the main house. My ISP provides me with 200Mbps up/down internet connection. How much throughput can I expect from the EWS360AP in the main house and how much can I expect from the EWS360AP in the guesthouse?
  8. Can I use an EnstationAC and pair it with an ENH1750EXT in WDS Bridge mode? How far can they go? Will I be able to set them up 1 mile apart?
  9. This is my first tome to purchase an EWS7928P. When I unboxed it and powered it on I noticed that the fan makes a mechanical clicking sound when it turns. Is this normal or should I return it and have it replaced?
  10. I have an EAP1200H that stops working every other week. Sometimes it will still be accessible from the web console though nothing connected to it will be able to access the network, and other times it doesn't respond to pings from the network and has to be physically power cycled to access again. We're running on the most current firmware. We have other EAP1200H deployed in other location that do not have this problem. What could be causing this and how do I fix it?
  11. I have 11 Access Points, most of them ENH1750EXT. I noticed that my devices keep dropping the connection even when I am near the access point. There are also times when my connection slows down to almost nothing and I notice this happens frequently when I have 20 or more devices connected to the access points. How many client devices can one of these APs handle?
  12. Can we use this with our APs and routers that are using internal antennas? http://www.reviewwirelessrouters.com/review-netbox-aesthetic-locking-indoor-routerwap-enclos/
  13. Devices are the EWS7928P, EWS310AP, EWS660AP and EWS860AP. Set to the same AP cluster and upgraded to the latest firmware. One computer is unable to connect after changing the network key. Security mode is still WPA2 PSK TKIP/AES. Wireless MAC filter is disabled. Same computer can connect to a second SSID with the same wireless security settings. Wireless profiles were already deleted. What am I missing?
  14. What could be the possible issue with computers lagging and dropping packets when connected to an EGS7252FP? The EGS7252FP is just used as a regular network switch. No VLAN tags or special settings. Only the IP address and gateway were configured in the switch. Firmware is up to date and the switch was already reset.
  15. Do we have any issues with EWS360APs constantly disconnecting wireless clients after a firmware upgrade? APs were working fine before the firmware upgrade. Firmware version 2.0.291-c1.6.23. APs are being managed by an EWS5912FP with firmware version 1.05.26 - c1.6.24.
  16. Is it normal for the ESR350 to lose internet access after doing the auto firmware upgrade? It did finish rebooting and a manual power cycle was done. Used a wired computer for the firmware upgrade. I know that a hardware reset and reconfiguration would fix it but I just want to know if this is supposed to happen.
  17. Ryan

    Firmware availability

    Would it be possible for the older firmware versions to be available in our website? Or at least what the previous firmware versions are? This would really help the users and technicians easily identify which hardware version the device is.
  18. Link quality LEDs will only light up in client bridge mode.
  19. Possible damage to the device and property.
  20. User needs to refer to his building code for proper grounding procedures.
  21. Added security to prevent MAC address snooping.
  22. Using a coax cable, is it okay to place all three 5 Ghz antennas indoors and leave the 2.4 Ghz for outdoor use? The ENH1750EXT itself will be mounted outside.
  23. ECB1200 on firmware version 1.1.1 does not show you the channel settings for the 5 Ghz. It only shows the Configure button under the 2.4 Ghz. Clicking on it shows you the 5 Ghz channel settings but is not totally clear if the channel was saved. Is this intended?
  24. It is not but I usually do this if the device is encountering problems. If the user just wants to upgrade the firmware and the device is already working properly then I skip the reset.
  25. I agree. A user bricked his router because he loaded the wrong firmware. The firmware process completed even with an incompatible firmware version. There were no error messages.
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