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  1. How can I register a Durafon Pro handset to a Durafon Pro base station?
  2. Why I am unable to access the User Interface?
  3. How do I access the EnGenius user interface?
  4. How do I change the EnShare Port (EnGenius Service Port)?
  5. How to add camera to the VMS Software?
  6. Why is my base station losing its settings?
  7. How can I save the SSID on an EWS660AP (Stand-Alone Mode)?
  8. How to Change Channel Settings on ECB1750 (Updated Firmware)?
  9. Why do we need to mount antennas 4-10 feet above roof/trees?
  10. How to avoid "Duplicate Administrator" issues?
  11. How do I transfer a call from an EnGenius handset to a different extension on my PBX?
  12. How to Set Static DHCP/DHCP Reservation on EnGenius Routers?
  13. Can the ENH900EXT be set up in AP to CB configuration?
  14. How do we extend the phone coverage outdoors?
  15. How much improvement do we get when using the optimal antenna?
  16. How to improve Durafon PRO coverage in a 12 story building.
  17. ENS1200/ENS1750 WDS Bridge connection goes to "sleep".
  18. How to Manually Install EUB1200AC drivers for Windows 7.
  19. How to Fix: Error 800 Windows 7 (L2TP over IP Sec Client Unable to Connect)
  20. Can I use the ECB1200 as a repeater? I want a repeater for my 5 Ghz network and was wondering if this will work. What other APs do you have that will support repeater mode on the 5 Ghz band? Preferably a dual band AP as I also want to use the device as an AP on the 2.4 Ghz band.
  21. Ever since Apple introduced call sharing, I cannot get it to work on my home wireless using the EAP1750H. It works fine when my phone is connected to another wifi network. I've turned SNMP off, tried it with spanning tree on and off, I have tried with band steering enabled and disabled, tried it with 2.4GHz aggregation on and off - still doesn't work. Have you encountered this before? What settings need to be adjusted? Any ideas?
  22. I'm adding an EWS320AP to an existing setup and I noticed that the connection through this access point is very slow. The connection picks up when I move away and move into the range of the EWS360AP. I only have 3 devices connecting to it at any given time. How can I make sure I'm getting the most out of my wireless connection?
  23. Does the ENH900EXT have guest network. If it does, can I set up 3 of these APs and give the guest network the same SSID? What other outdoor AP/Bridges support guest network?
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