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  1. Jeroen Buis

    New EAP1750H Firmware problems

    Have a look here: http://engenius-europe.nl/index.php/component/jdownloads/summary/187-eap1750h/1364-eap1750h-firmware
  2. Jeroen Buis

    New EAP1750H Firmware problems

    After much frustration and no progress I also decided to switch my EnGenius devices for Ubiquiti AC-PRO. All my problems that I had before are gone right now and all I regret is that I waited this long to switch the EnGenius devices out.
  3. Jeroen Buis

    chromecast not working on ECB1750

    Is Chromecast not working at all or is it very instable? I had several connectivity issues with Chromecast as well. I was able to get Chromecast to work but at random times lost connectivity between mobile or tablet and Chromecast device. Just downgraded the EAP1750 firmware to .194 and issues are now gone.
  4. Jeroen Buis

    Firmware update

    I would stay away from Firmware 361 as there are significant connectivity issues. I downgraded all my devices to firmware 194 and these problems are not happening when on this older firmware.
  5. Jeroen Buis

    New EAP1750H Firmware problems

    I've encountered the exact same problem as described here. I've been having connectivity issues with both (I have 2) EAP1750H's which is especially obvious when using Netflix with Chromecast. Basically the Netflix app constantly looses connectivity with Chromecast which will prevent you from controlling what is being played. You constantly need to reconnect Netflix (other apps have the same issue) app with the Chromecast in order to control it again. This was happening almost every 15 minutes, no exceptions. Recently downgraded to 2.0.194 and all of these issues are gone right now. I've used the exact same channel, configuration setting as when I was using 361. I've done multiple factory resets when on 361 and reconfigured the device. No luck at all on 361, now when back on 194 the device is working properly. Has anyone from Engenius ever looked into this issue? It is not hard to reproduce at all. Thanks

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