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  1. How do we create an exceptional rule for ICMP echo request to reply ping commands in existing firewall?
  2. There are some customers who would ask if we have lightning protector kits for our APs. What do we suggest to our clients?
  3. Have you encountered a case wherein the customer wants to do One-click update thru the Controller but when he click it, it would say the Update/Upgrade failed. When details is checked, it would say Unable to connect to the internet; Please check internet connection. But client is able to get online. Even doing diagnostics test on the controller itself, it is able to ping anything. Bulk Upgrade would fail as well and would give the same error.
  4. Is it possible to use 2 base units (on different locations) then connect 1 phone line separated by splitter? If the call is picked up by the handset that's registered on 1 base, can the other 1 pick up and listen to the on-going call or will the In Use light will light up on the other base?
  5. I suggest we also have a demo program for users as well. Not all though. Just for those who has "complicated" setup wherein we could not just recommend a model of phone system. A demo program would be good to test if the phone will work on their setup.
  6. Hi, All. I had a customer who I assisted with setting up the EUB1200AC on his mac computer. OS X is 10.11.5. We got the drivers installed (downloaded from the website). After the installation, we are unable to find the wireless utility on Applications/Utilities folder. Nothing on the desktop as well. We tried searching for it thru Spotlight but we could still not find it. He found an icon on the top right corner of the screen. It's like the wireless icon (bars going up) for a windows computer. There's an option to Open wireless utility so we proceed with doing that. It opened up a windows that shows the list of wireless APs available but the page doesn't have any label. It has the icon/logo for the EnGenius Wireless Utility though. We are able to connect to his network and get online. The client would like to know why we could not find it under Applications or anywhere on the computer and why the wireless utility at the top right corner of the screen doesn't have a label on it. Is this how the wireless adapter will behave when installed on a mac computer? Or is this a problem with the utility when installed on a mac computer?
  7. There are 2 LAN ports for EnstationAC: primary port - gigabit port (802.3at POE Input) and seconday port - gigabit port (802.3af POE output).
  8. rhinox27

    Outdoor Switch

    I agree. An outdoor switch might be too expensive. Speaking of outdoor POE injector, I think it is already on the works according to Jose Fernandez from this link: Outdoor PoE Adapter .
  9. @Cacey: It doesn't apply to all SSID. Check what Jose Fernandez said.
  10. Really? Didn't know this one. For my cases, we end up resetting the device manually, reconfigure the settings, and advise the customer to use at least 12 character password or less.
  11. Can we request for this info to be added on the User manual? Because mostly, customers doesn't know this.
  12. Do we have to convert it to .gz file before we can upload it back to EAP1750H?
  13. This would be very helpful especially for cases wherein the APs are already mounted.
  14. I am also interested to know. Sometimes we play around this setting if customers are experiencing slow wireless speed not really knowing what really is the importance of this setting.
  15. Is it possible to experience Layer 2.5 Bridging issue if the AP is set to a Repeater Mode?
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