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  1. No problem! Thank you for the clarification and quick replies. Very appreciated.
  2. Yes, but the GUI choices are not the question. It's the section posted from the manual, which sure seems to be self-contradictory. (If something restores to user default, then those are not the factory standard settings. If something restores to factory standard settings, they can't be the user default settings. Both of those can't be right at the same time, but the documentation says they are.) My guess is this is just a bad translation or a technical point that passed through too many editors. But it's all a sideshow - the real question is whether Engenius truly made a device that cannot be externally factory reset - and so can be made useless if a single password is lost. That still boggles my mind if it's true. I would still like someone from Engenius itself to comment.
  3. *update* Now that I read the manual as pictured above, even it's is completely wonky and confused. The section titled "Restore to User Default" reads "Click Restore to restore user settings to the factory standard settings". But shouldn't it be titled "Restore to Factory Default" if that's the case? I wonder if the writer was confused or the Taiwanese-to-English translation wasn't accurate. In any case, it's as clear as mud to me what was intended.
  4. Thanks MiloV andLaireV. This appears to be true but it even confuses Engenius support (I have their response in writing that a long reset button press should return the unit to *factory* settings, not user defaults). I will say that I never before have heard of a device that can be bricked - permanently! - simply by the loss of a GUI password. That seems to be the case here, and if true, it's a IMHO serious firmware design flaw. There should always be a way to reset a device through hardware, somehow - even if it involves something like manual disassembly and shorting a jumper or connecting test points on the PCB or the like. There has to be _some_ way, outside of the GUI. Sure, you can say this is not a "consumer" unit and blame the victims for their own forgetfulness - but since the ENS1750 retails for less than $200 it certainly is being marketed as a consumer device, and is being sold on NewEgg and Amazon. I can't imagine how bad the reviews are going to be when consumers brick their units because Junior reset the password, clicked "set as default", and then forgot to tell Dad what it was. If you're right, they just have to throw it out at that point. It's not going to be pretty.
  5. The above answer turns out to be incorrect. A hard reset (single short reset button press) should return the unit to the saved user defaults, but a 30-second-plus reset button press (which we've been trying) should always get it back to factory defaults. Otherwise, there would be no way to reset the configuration to a known state. ngenius has asked us to return the unit to them as defective.
  6. Milo - thanks! - didn't know that was possible, but if that really is the case, how to get it back to factory defaults instead of the user defaults? There must be a way, otherwise people would be bricking these things right and left by forgetting their passwords, since recovery wouldn't be possible once someone saved the new password in the user defaults....
  7. We are experienced admins having worked with many Engenius units and with numerous models installed over the years. This week, we are trying to work with an ENS1750 that we discovered was set up already by someone else. Via some arp packet snooping we figured out its IP, and can reach the web login screen on it at (yes, not a typo) - it redirects to (see photo attached). We also can see two custom SSIDs that are set up being broadcast in the 2.4 and 5ghz bands. But we do not know the unit's admin password (it's been changed), and so cannot login and factory reset via the GUI. More importantly, ***we cannot factory reset the unit using the hard reset button***. We have tried every combination of pressing the reset button for 10 seconds (per the manual), 30 seconds (per some postings online) and up to 60 seconds (per one email from Engenius support). Nothing changes. We have done this after the unit has been powered up for several minutes and also tried right at power-on and even while we were plugging it in. We have tried all of these MULTIPLE TIMES. Nothing works. We have had multiple experienced network techs here who have all been frustrated. No matter what we do, the unit in the end just reboots and we see the same IP and the same two custom SSIDs appear again - no reset, no factory settings, no changes at all. I do see others on this forum who have had similar problems - this seems like a bug in Engenius firmware. Does anyone have a solution, or did they just return their units to Engenius (as we're getting ready to do)?
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