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  1. I agree with Tiler as Apple air print uses different wireless algorithm which may not be supported by EWS310AP. Disabling band steering and RSSI is good start to narrow down the issue that you are experiencing
  2. Hi, Where is the EAP3660 connected? To gain access after reset, please connect it to a PC/Laptop via ethernet cable. PC/Laptop should have fixed IP address assigned to it LAN connection ( If PC/Laptop has wireless adapter enabled, please disable it for the mean time. Open a browser and access You may also try clearing the browser history (cache page, form data, password) then close the browser and re open it.
  3. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001132012-How-to-Port-forward-on-EMR3000-
  4. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001131972-How-to-setup-a-Guest-Network-on-EMR3000-
  5. Hi, BlueDymension, I've tried uploading the back up config file that you sent to my EWS310AP and couldn't find how can I can change the setting from it. The back up file seems to be corrupted. See attached screenshot. This page shows after uploading your config file. Is this configured as standalone access point or managed via a controller? What I can suggest is to reset your EWS310AP back to factory default settings then reconfigure it manually.
  6. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001069111-How-to-manually-flash-the-firmware-of-EMR3000-
  7. Please see article Posted on HelpCenter: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001065812-How-to-update-the-firmware-of-EMR3000-using-EnMESH-APP-
  8. Thank you. I will check the config file and post update once available
  9. Hi, I would appreciate if you could provide me a back up config file of your EWS310AP. Please include the IP address and login credentials (username and password) so I can check the configuration of your Access Point.
  10. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000961112-What-is-EnFile-APP-
  11. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000958891-How-to-use-the-storage-feature-of-the-Mesh-Router-
  12. Please make sure that your ENH202s are configured as WDS Bridges.
  13. Good to hear from you! If you have further concern, just don't hesitate to reach out. You may also send email to [email protected]
  14. When APs are on WDS Bridge mode, all traffic would be transparent. I couldn't see any effect if there is or no DNS server address on the bridges.
  15. On your side note: "When I do discovery on my Slave device (under tools) the Master Device shows up twice. On the Master Device, when I do discovery, I only see the slave listed once." Discovery tool is used to detect other EnGenius device(s) on the network that has the same chipset (atheros, for instance). Do you have another EnGenius device on your network aside from the EnStationAC?. If none, try factory resetting the EnStationAC(slave) then reconfigure it.
  16. This may due to some environmental factors why you are not getting the best RSSI reading. If possible, mount the antenna as high as you can (above the roof and trees in the way) to ensure a clear RF line of sight and to achieve better signal strength.
  17. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000831672-How-to-reset-Mesh-Routers-
  18. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center: https://engeniustechsupport.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/115000826611/en-us?brand_id=2876468
  19. Are you trying to register locally or remotely?
  20. Please ensure that you have the most recent firmware posted on EnGenius official website. Did you enable Spanning Tree on the unit? If so, there is no need as you only have a pair of EnStationAC. I also recommend disabling "Green" and use non-DFS channel if possible. (i.e. 149, 157). Make sure that you are using the PoE injector and power adapter that came with the unit. I also recommend targeting an RSSI on each end between -40 dBm to -50 dBm for optimal performance of a pair of APs in WDS bridge mode. This target is so the signal to noise ratio can be safely > 37 dB, meaning that the highest MCS rate (MCS9) can be achieved and maintained with an 80 MHz channel, and the throughput of the link maximized. For 802.11ac 2x2:2 APs measured data throughputs of about 350-400 Mbps can be achieved with 80 MHz channels, when the RSSI of each link is consistently in the -40 dBm to -50 dBm range.
  21. We would have to send a request to our engineering team for the MIB file. May I know the purpose of getting the MIB file? Engineering team would be asking this for assessment.
  22. Have you tried using different computer or browser? You may also try clearing the browser histories (Cache Page, Form Data, Offline websites, etc.) then close the browser and re-open it. If the issue persist, try resetting the ECB1750 back to factory default settings.
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